Clinical Faculty Teaching Opportunities



teaching opportunitiesThe University of Colorado School of Medicine Department of Pediatrics is proud to have over 400 Volunteer Clinical Faculty members from throughout our community. Our Clinical Faculty members can participate in several different teaching opportunities, from Classroom-based teaching to Office-based teaching, and also serve on important departmental and school-wide committees and boards.

Clinical Faculty include primary care providers and specialists working in hospitals, clinics and private practices in the Denver metropolitan region and across the state. Community-based clinical faculty members also play a critical role in the school’s undergraduate medical curriculum; they serve as preceptors for students in their offices, and they teach in Foundations of Doctoring, communication and physical diagnosis courses, which are cornerstones of the medical student experience.

Please visit our Classroom-based and Office-based Teaching Opportunities pages for detailed information on all of the opportunities currently being offered and contact information for each available opening.