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American Academy of Pediatrics Physician Health and Wellness
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CU Mental Health and Support Resources for CU SOM Faculty

1. If you have a more URGENT or CRISIS need, please call 911, go to nearest Emergency Dept or contact: Colorado Crisis Services 

2. Real Help Hotline
The Real Help Hotline gives you access to professional counselors who can offer assistance finding local resources or provide immediate crisis counseling. It’s a free and confidential service and it’s available 24/7. The service is available to all members covered under any of CU’s medical insurance plans.

3. CU Department of Psychiatry Faculty and Staff Mental Health Clinic 
Phone number 303 724-4987 or click link above to request appointment online or, email  (clinical director). It takes about two weeks to get an appointment, but appointments can possibly be made sooner based on need. You should expect a response to phone or email request in 24-48 business hours.
Virtual or In-person visits
Accept most insurance including CU Anschutz Anthem Plans 
Those with Kaiser Permanente can access mental health services by calling 303-471-7700.

4. Colorado Physician Health Program 
Call 303-860-0122
CPHP provides the peer assistance services for licensed physicians and physician assistants of Colorado.
Peer assistance services aid individuals who have any problems that would affect one’s health such as emotional, psychological or medical problems. For example, CPHP assists its clients with medical and/or psychiatric conditions (e.g. Alzheimer’s disease, HIV infection, depression or substance abuse) as well as psychosocial conditions (e.g. family problems or stress related to work or professional liability difficulties).

5. Colorado State Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Call 303-866-4314 or complete on-line form to request mental health counseling, leader consultation, critical incident response, mediation, or webinar and facilitation services. 

6. Faculty Well-being Committee Peer Support and Coaching Network
Over 160 faculty members trained as peer supporters, available for support after adverse clinical events
Contact for more questions or to be connected with a peer supporter 

7. Additional information about CU mental health resources 

8.     CU Johnson Depression Center