PhD Faculty Interest Group

Lilliam AmbroggioEvgenia Gerasimovskaya
Jill KaarLorraine Kubicek
Janet Snell-BergeonSonja Ziniel


Mission Statement

The function of this group is to serve as a bridge between our diverse PhD faculty within the Department of Pediatrics and our departmental leadership.


Our primary goal is to empower our PhD faculty by providing highly tailored educational programs, promoting awareness of both campus and Department-specific resources and hosting networking opportunities so that we can come together and recognize the unique and vital component of the Department that we represent.

We are working toward this goal by providing educational seminars, newsletters and social events.


Our second goal is to promote successful integration of our PhD faculty within the Department through advocacy for PhD faculty at Academic Faculty Affairs meetings, identification of PhD-specific pain points through faculty surveys and working with Department leadership to address these issues.

We are addressing specific issues raised by our PhD faculty such as badge access to Children’s Hospital, providing much needed recognition for our outstanding PhD faculty, identifying teaching opportunities as part of our goal to support PhD faculty promotion and even provision of a little red wagon to welcome new PhD faculty. Though some of these efforts may seem small, they serve as a reminder of the importance of constantly striving to integrate PhD faculty within our clinical Department.

While our mission is to serve PhD faculty at all levels within the Department of Pediatrics, there are also additional resources available that are specific to Junior Faculty, for those seeking additional mentorship and to promote diversity and inclusion. Please take advantage of these useful resources. Above all, we are here to represent you and so please feel free to reach out to any group member with questions, ideas or suggestions and help make our Department work best for us.

Research Intensive Faculty Funding Plan

DOP Research Intensive Faculty Funding Plan FAQ

Upcoming Events

2020 PRiSM Perplexity? How to Use PRiSM to Your Advantage

October 29, 2020

11:30 - 1:00 p.m.

Register for this Zoom event.

Join the Junior, PhD, and Instructor Faculty Interest Groups for an educational event on tailoring PRiSM to your specific career. All junior and PhD faculty are welcome to attend.


11:30                Tailoring Your PRiSM Routing, Software Overview, Q & A

Justin Lotspeich, MA, Faculty Affairs Coordinator, DOP PRiSM Liaison

11:40                Setting SMART Goals

             Andrew Sirotnak, MD, Vice Chair for Faculty Affairs

12:00                Breakout: Tailoring PRiSM for Non-promotion-track and Clinical Faculty

Andrew Sirotnak, MD, Vice Chair for Faculty Affairs

Breakout: Tailoring PRiSM for Promotion-track Junior Faculty

Presenter information to follow

Breakout: Tailoring PRiSM for Research Faculty

Janet Snell-Bergeon, PhD, MPH, Associate Professor, Barbara Davis Center