Career Development and Mentoring

Career Development

The Department of Pediatrics Office of Faculty Affairs is committed to the success of all faculty members in the Department. Our goal is to promote faculty advancement and well-being by providing tools to successfully navigate a career at the University of Colorado. These resources are not intended to replace what many sections are already doing, but rather to enhance any existing programs and ensure all faculty have a foundation for a fulfilling career.

Successful academic careers are the result of thoughtful planning and knowledgeable guidance. A defined career plan is an essential “road map” for reaching your goals. Use the resources below to develop your own plan and to find colleagues who can advise you along the way.


The Department of Pediatrics views mentoring as an important aspect of faculty professional and career development. Our Office of Faculty Affairs, along with the School of Medicine Office of Faculty Affairs, is dedicated to enhancing faculty development through our mentoring program, especially for junior faculty.

Mentoring is a reciprocal and collaborative learning relationship in which mentor and mentee agree to a partnership and share responsibility and accountability toward the achievement of mutually defined goals that will develop a mentee’s skills, abilities, knowledge, and thinking.

Learn more about our mentoring policy, navigator program, and other School of Medicine resources through these links below.

Mentor Navigators will help faculty identify potential mentors and provide objective assessments of career and research plans. The concept of a Mentor Navigator has been developed to augment, not replace, the role of any established faculty mentor or mentoring team.