How to Apply


‚ÄčIdeal Candidates and Selection Criteria

The one-day Introductory Training Program course is a prerequisite for this class. Participants in the 6S Training Program should enter the program with a current challenge finding necessary supplies and equipment to complete daily work, running out of or losing critical items, and/or constantly tripping over workplace items. Candidates may apply as individuals or as small teams (<5 people) from a common work area.  Teams are encouraged to attend. 


Participant Expectations/Responsibilities

The 6S Training Program emphasizes a set of foundational topics and skills that integrate with and build upon one another. Experiential learning methods, including small group work and simulations during sessions, draw upon theory embedded across the program. As a result, candidates must be able to commit to 100% attendance—which includes on-site presence and engagement for all half-days of the program. Participants will need to be freed in advance from clinical and administrative responsibilities during all workshop sessions. 



All clinical faculty and staff who meet the requirements above, including prior completion of the Introductory Training Program, and are employed on the Anschutz Medical Campus are eligible for the 6S Training Program. 


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