6S Program

​Co-sponsored by the Institute for Healthcare Quality, Safety, and Efficiency (IHQSE) and the Process Improvement Department at University of Colorado Hospital (UCH PI), the 6S Training Program covers the principles and implementation of the 6S Methodology, and the application of these principles to a 6S event of your choice.

6S is a system to organize one’s workspace to improve safety and efficiency, and to reduce costs and waste.The 6S process creates and maintains a clean, effective, high performance work area, and serves as a foundation for improved outcomes and further continuous improvement activities. 6S is usually associated with physical items (supplies, equipment, paperwork, etc.), but it can also be applied to better organize tasks, assignments, team interactions, and more.

The course is delivered in 2 half-day sessions, during which participants learn the core concepts of 6S. In the first session participants will learn about and then plan their 6S event. Participants must come to class with pictures of the space or a or a description of the process/location to which they intend to apply 6S. In the intervening weeks between the two class sessions, participants are expected to execute their 6S plan and be prepared to showcase their results in class two. In the second session, participants will learn about sustainability and create a sustainability plan. Participants will develop a set of brief talking points outlining the impact of this effort on their department/unit/service. Participants will share results with senior leadership during Leader Rounding sessions at which time participants will speak to the impact on their areas​.​​​


Jeff Glasheen, MD
IHQSE Director

Essey Yirdaw, MPH
IHQSE Program Manager


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