Certificate Training Program in Health Quality Transformation

The Certificate Training Program (CTP) in Health Quality Transformation develops leaders and teams capable of driving change. With didactics, application, and coaching, all participants in the CTP complete an improvement project. Through this experiential learning, participants will leave the program with the knowledge, skills and inspiration to lead future improvements.


    The educational outcomes for the CTP show significant gains in participant knowledge. 



    However, it is the ability to transfer knowledge into skills and skills into improved clinical performance that differentiates the IHQSE. Visit our Performance Portfolio page for a sampling of IHQSE projects throughout the years. We have experience with over 100 project types and can help you apply our templates to solve your quality, safety or efficiency challenges.

      Course Overview

      theory burst + application + coaching = success

      The course includes 25-30 hours of didactics supplemented by 20-25 hours of intensive one-on-one coaching. Theory bursts of content are delivered through five live, virtual teaching sessions. Every core concept that is taught is immediately applied to a real-world project with the aid of a dedicated team coach to facilitate successful implementation.

      The most successful participants complete the program as a team (the price is per team and includes up to 3 members working on the same project); most often with inter-professional partners (e.g., doctor and nurse, doctor and clinic director). Participants will learn the core tenets of quality and process improvement as well as principles of patient safety, healthcare finance, organizational operations, and patient experience. Additional areas of concentration include healthcare leadership, change management, provider/staff engagement, project management, and effective communication.

        Participant Engagement

        CTP is a rigorous professional development program. The longitudinal curriculum builds on itself and requires substantial effort.
        Specifically, in order to graduate from CTP, participants must:

        • Attend regular live, one-on-one virtual coaching sessions.
          These sessions generally occur for 60 minutes and occur between teaching sessions.

        • Apply curricular concepts and tools between coaching sessions.
          Concepts are enhanced through application assignments, which must be completed and submitted in a timely manner. 

        • Complete a substantial performance improvement project.

        • Continue your engagement with the IHQSE.
          Our aim is to transform people, processes and organizations. As such, we want to celebrate your future successes (in
          our newsroom and performance portfolio) as well as continue to be a resource for your development. Our alumni are our biggest asset, and we hope you’ll continue to be an engaged IHQSE alumni for years to come!

        Upcoming Dates

        This program features five live, virtual teaching sessions with tailored one-on-one coaching sessions in-between.

        Fall 2022 dates to be announced. Click here to be notified when new dates are released.

        Session 1 - April 14, 2022 (Full day)

        4 coaching sessions (1 hour each)

        Session 2 - June 9, 2022 (Full day)

        7 coaching sessions (1 hour each)

        Session 3 - September 8, 2022 (Full day)

        7 coaching sessions (1 hour each)

        Session 4 - November 17, 2022 (Half day)

        4 coaching sessions (1 hour each)

        Session 5 - February 23, 2023 (2 hours)


        Price: $6,990 per team (includes up to 3 members from the same care area)

        Spring 2023 dates to be announced. Click here to be notified when new dates are released.

        Questions? Email us at IHQSE@cuanschutz.edu