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The Institute for Healthcare Quality, Safety and Efficiency mission is to create
healthcare systems that ensure every patient receives the highest quality of care while
avoiding harm, minimizing inefficiencies, and developing leaders in quality and safety.

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‘Handshake Stewardship’ Program Backbone of TJC's Best Practices in Antimicrobial Stewardship

IHQSE Featured Project Outcomes

Opportunity: Reduce length of stay (LOS), improve outcomes in geriatric hip fracture patients.

Intervention: Standardized order set with compliance reporting; cohorted patients on orthopedic unit and service.

Outcome: Reduced LOS by 1 day, decreased readmissions by 16% and reduced 1-year mortality by 48%.

Opportunity: Improve length of stay (LOS) for palliative care patients.

Intervention: Moved consult earlier in hospital stay.

Outcome: Patients received treatment 14 hours earlier improving pain and symptom scores, reducing LOS by 1.7 days. Total projected savings of $3 million per year.

Opportunity: Antimicrobial over-utilization results in side effects, excess length of stay (LOS) and avoidable cost.

Intervention: Implemented "handshake stewardship" program.

Outcome: Antibiotic usage reduced by 25%, C. difficile rates by 41%. Reduced LOS for patients on antibiotics by 8% and pharmacy costs by $1-2 million annually.

Opportunity: Reduce readmission rate. 

Intervention: Standardized transition process, follow up phone call, focus on medications.

Outcome: Reduced readmissions by 42%: sustained for over 5 years.

Spread: Framework incorporated into hospital care management workflows.


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