Research Interests

Clinical Research

Our clinical research in Audiology spans a broad range of topics related to patient outcomes and evaluation of new diagnostic technologies. Clinical research collaborators include Drs. Stephen Cass, Samuel Gubbels, and Herman Jenkins of Otolaryngology. One current clinical project underway is a clinical trial assessment of the Children’s English and Spanish Speech Perception Test​.  We also have several projects underway examining hearing aid and cochlear implant outcomes in the clinical population. 

Collaborative Research

We approach research from a broad collaborative framework. This framework encompasses studies of hearing aid signal processing, cognitive processing, infant speech discrimination, and clinical research.

University of Colorado Col​​laborators:

Kristin UhlerSpeech Perception Over Time (SPOT) Research Lab, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, University of Colorado School of Medicine

Daniel Tollin​Department of Physiology and Biophysics, University of Colorado School of Medicine

Achim Klug: Department of Physiology and Biophysics, University of Colorado School of Medicine

Kathryn Arehart and James Kates: Hearing Lab, Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences University of Colorado Boulder

​Off Campus Collaborators:​

Pamela SouzaHearing Aid Lab, Northwestern University

Lori LieboldHuman Auditory Development Lab, Boys Town National Research Hospital

Lauren CalandruccioSpeech and Auditory Research Lab, Case Western University

Benjamin HornsbyHearing and Communication Laboratory, Vanderbilt University​