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Project Title:  Evaluation of speech-in-noise performance in cochlear implant recipients using either a conventional hearing aid or a CROS device on the contralateral ear.

Principal Investigator:   Melinda Anderson, PhD

COMIRB #:                      18-1101     

research projects 1Speech understanding in noise remains the greatest challenge for individuals utilizing cochlear implants, particularly when the speech of interest originates from the side of the head opposite to the implant. Recent advances in hearing technology allow for an individual to either use a conventional hearing aid or a Contralateral Routing of Signal (CROS) device on the non-implanted ear. Differences in speech understanding may result depending on the specific device chosen by the listener (either a convention hearing aid or a contralateral routing of signal (CROS) device.  We are measuring these differences in speech understanding by varying the type of device worn on the non-implanted ear when the speech and the background noise are positioned around the listener. 

Participant Inclusion Criteria:

  • over age 18
  • >6 months of Advanced Bionics cochlear implant use
  • thresholds of better than or equal to 90 dB at least one frequency 125 - 500 Hz in the non-implanted ear, performance on a sentence based test in quiet of at least 40%

Study Timeline

  •  3 hours of study visits, broken over 1 or 2 visits

To participate in this project, email Laura Temple at and mention the CROS project in your message. 

Project Title: The contribution of age-related changes to sound localization in central hearing loss

Principal Investigator:   Melinda Anderson, PhD 

Many older adults have difficulty listening to a sound of interest such as the voice of a conversation partner, when other distracting sounds are active at the same time. The overarching goal of this project is to test the contributions of age-related changes in the sound localization pathway in the auditory brain stem to this phenomenon. 

To participate in this project, email Laura Temple at and mention the Aging Study in your message. ​ 

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