Things To Do

Boulder, Colorado

Located about 20 miles (32 km) northwest of Denver, Boulder is known for its outdoor activities, award-winning breweries, and rich Colorado history. Be sure to take in all their is to see and do while staying in Boulder!

Post-Course Excursion of Rocky Mountain National Park

Attendees can opt into a post-MEMRO tour of RMNP. This sprawling 265,600-acre park is home to an abundance of wildlife, topography, and vegetation. To attend the tour, select this add-on option when registering for MEMRO. For the Post-Course Excursion to Rocky Mountain National Park, a full refunds for the excursion will be available to those who wish to cancel prior to May 1st. After May 1st, no refunds will be provided. Please note that there is a 30 person minimum for this event and it could be cancelled if that minimum is not met.

Visit Estes Park

Adjacent to RMNP and only 38 miles (60 km) west of Boulder, this mountain town is known for its history, wildlife, and the infamous Stanley Hotel. For those looking for a half-day trip, be sure to check out what Estes Park has to offer.

Outdoor Activities

There is no shortage of trails inside and outside of the city limits. Click here for a guide to Boulder's robust trail system. Just as well, this trail system makes Boulder a very bike-friendly town. Bike rental stations are peppered throughout Boulder and can be rented through your phone. Click here for a map of stations as well as a list of available bikes. Another popular Colorado activity is river tubing. For a guide on rentals, where to tube, and water levels, click here. Conditions and water levels vary throughout the year.

Restaurants & Breweries

The Centennial State of Colorado is also known for great food as well as an abundance of breweries. Explore the many restaurants on Pearl Street and soak in the hops at some of Boulder's breweries.