Presenter Information

Oral Presentations

Each speaker will have 15 minutes for their presentation. You should aim to speak for no more than 12 minutes with additional time for 1-2 questions. Times for the presentation will be strictly enforced. Please do not go over the time limit. Presentation slides can be uploaded at the break prior to each session. All presenters should give themselves sufficient time to do this.

Poster Presentations

Poster boards will be available for the entire duration of the conference. Each board will measure 5 feet wide and 3 feet tall or 1.5x1 metres. You are welcome to bring any poster that fits this size. The meeting has no specific poster session. Instead we ask presenters to display their poster as soon as they arrive and keep posters displayed for the duration of the meeting. Attendees will be able visit posters during the coffee and lunch breaks. Posters should be taken down at the lunch break on the last day.