Human Performance Lab

Who we are

The Human Performance Lab, located at the CU Sports Medicine and Performance Center, identifies your physiological potential and helps you turn that knowledge into results. It’s not a cut-and-paste coaching program, but a highly scientific and highly individual approach to training, normally reserved for only elite athletes.

How we help

You put a lot of heart, soul, and sweat into competition. Now you can put a lot of science into it, too. Lactate threshold, glycogen storage, interval training—there’s a lot of science to performance, and the best athletes know how to use it to their advantage. That’s where the Human Performance Lab can help. Sports nutrition is also included where applicable.

Testing includes:

  • Maximal Oxygen Consumption (VO2max)
  • Lactate threshold and lactate disposal dynamics
  • Fuel (fat and carbohydrate) utilization during exercise
  • Individual training zones and a personalized training plan
  • Nutritional advice and training diet plan
  • Overtraining evaluation

human-performanceOur scientific approach

There’s much more to performance than eating right and training hard. Getting the most out of athletic performance means understanding the many factors that affect results. 

Our integrative approach to exercise physiology can better control those performance factors, such as your body’s metabolic characteristics, training monitoring, and nutrition. We​ can help you reach your athletic potential by designing a science-based program just for you.

We evaluate the following when designing an individualized training program:

  • Physiology genetics
  • Nutrition
  • Health injuries
  • Accurate training
  • Overtraining and fatigue

To create a personalized program, the Human Performance Lab must first learn how your body responds to exercise through physiological testing. By determining your unique physical and metabolic characteristics and needs, our lab can develop the most effective, tailored training program for you.