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Laboratory Research 


Welcome to the Department of Ophthalmology’s basic science research site.  Here you will find information about the research being conducted by our faculty.  Our research division is under the leadership of Professor Mark Petrash, PhD, who has been vital to our growth and his experience is an invaluable resource to our department and the vision research community.

​We currently have seven faculty conducting research within the basic science division of our department. Research areas for our faculty include: treatments for diabetic eye disease and cataract; cell biology of eye disease; retinal development and disease; genetic and molecular causes of inherited retinal disease; linear and nonlinear microscopy and spectroscopy; development of laser assisted surgical tools; formulating, synthesizing and characterizing biomaterials and drug delivery solutions; and prevention of protein aggregation in eye diseases.

​Our department also provides an excellent training environment for graduate students at the University of Colorado.  Currently, our faculty are members of the Biomedical Science Program; Toxicology; Cell Biology, Stem Cells and Development; Molecular Biology; and Neuroscience programs.  Students in these competitive programs can perform their graduate research or rotations with our faculty.

We are also proud to be the only department on campus hosting regular vision science discussion groups.  Each month during the academic year, we host a Journal Club in which our researchers will discuss recent publications on various topics impacting research in our areas of interest.  We also host a Vision Science Seminar Series in which we invite speakers from the vision research community to present and discuss their research.

​Please explore our site to learn more about the research being performed in each laboratory.  If you are interested in supporting our research, please visit our giving page for information on that process.  Thank you for taking the time to visit us today!