Giving and Getting Involved

Bringing Sight to Life

To make a donation, please email: Ophthalmology.gifts@ucdenver.edu

Or call our Advancement Officer at 720-848-5018.

The University of Colorado School of Medicine Department of Ophthalmology is located on the Anschutz Medical Campus in the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Institute Building.

Our doctors are committed to Bringing Sight to Life.

Together, we can create new hope for people with sight-threatening diseases.  We need your help as we expand our training, grow our patient care services and invest in cutting-edge research to create new hope for people who are at risk of losing their sight and those who are blind.

Envision the possibilities:

  • People with glaucoma, diabetes-related retina disorders and other sight-threatening conditions will be diagnosed early enought to halt or or even reverse the progression of the disease, thanks to high-resolution imaging technologies.
  • Burn victims and patients with the severe blistering in the eye caused by ocular surface disease will receive healthy corneal cells, thanks to new stem cell transplantation techniques that will bring relief and preserve visions.
  • And the ultimate hope, people who suffer the damaging effects of retinal diseases like macular degneration will see again, thanks to artificial vision devices and research.

BRINGING SIGHT TO LIFE.  GET INVOLVED: Ophthalmology.gifts@ucdenver.edu