The In vivo neurophysiology (EEG) core has been serving the University of Colorado researchers since 2009 and provides equipment, facilities, consultation, and technical expertise for carrying out in vivo neurophysiology experiments such as continuous (24/7) rodent behavioral (video) and neurophysiological/EEG monitoring and stereotaxic guided brain surgery. Video-EEG monitoring permits investigators to more thoroughly phenotype the rodents they use in their research and specifically address issues of whether they have abnormalities of neurophysiological functioning such as EEG background suppression, sleep disturbances, and seizures. This can be important for the characterization of translational models of nervous system disorders, including stroke, epilepsy, traumatic brain injury, neurodegenerative, psychiatric, genetic, and developmental disorders. The robotic stereotactic guided surgeries enable researchers to accurately place electrodes, deliver drugs, and inject viruses in brain area of interest, and induce lesions of specific brain regions.

Mesches Michael Neuro Technology Center

Core Director

Dr. Michael Mesches

Assistant Research Professor





Connie HS-4

Connie Brindley

Senior Professional Research Assistant



Jessica HS-4

Jessica Carlsen

Senior Professional Research Assistant



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