Neurovascular team

Neurovascular Program

Neurovascular PageThe vascular system of the brain transporting the blood and oxygen supply weaves a web of complexity necessitating the skills of only the most expert of neurosurgeons. CU Neurosurgery has the most experienced neurovascular surgeon in the region on its staff, Robert E. Breeze, MD.  Under the leadership of Dr. Breeze, our multi-disciplinary program has achieved national recognition.

The Neurovascular Program provides a full continuum of care from emergency to rehabilitation services.  Each provider works in conjunction with members of Neurosurgery, Interventional Radiology, the Neuro-Intensive care unit, the Stroke team and Rehabilitation.  Each service is available as needed providing the most comprehensive resources in the region.

Having a team of experienced providers increases the likelihood of a positive outcome for a most delicate and complex evaluation or procedure.  It ensures that the right options and answers are provided allowing for the best decision making given the information available.  Our program defines excellence for the community. 

CU Neurosurgery takes care of all types of neurovascular conditions. The following is a list of conditions that we typically see: