Providers and Specialties

Adult Care


Kevin Lillehei, MD

Professor and Ogsbury-Kindt Chair

Department of Neurosurgery

Brain Tumors, Pituary and Peripheral Nerve

Robert Breeze, MD

Professor and Vice Chair

Endovascular Surgery, Skull Base Surgery

Kerry Brega, MD

Associate Professor and Director, Residency Program

Neurosurgery at the Denver VA

David Case, MD

Assistant Professor

Endovascular Surgery, Neuro-Critical Care

Luis Cava, MD

Assistant Professor

Neuro-Critical Care

Angela Downes, MD

Assistant Professor


Bradly Duhon, MD

Assistant Professor and Chief of Surgery, UCH Highlands Ranch Hospital

Spine Disorders

Michael Finn, MD

Assistant Professor

Spine Disorders

Wayne Gluf, MD

Professor and Director, Neurosurgical Trauma

Spine Disorders

Peter Lennarson, MD

Associate Professor

Spine Disorders

Donny Melton, MD

Assistant Professor


Robert Neumann, MD

Associate Professor and Director, Neuro-Critical Care

Neuro-Critical Care

Steven Ojemann, MD

Associate Professor and Director, Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery

Stereotactic and Functional 

D Ryan Ormond, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor and Director, Brain Tumor Program

Brain Tumors

Christopher Roark, MD

Assistant Professor

Endovascular Surgery

Joshua Seinfeld, MD

Associate Professor and Director, Endovascular Neurosurgery

Endovascular Surgery

Jens-Peter Witt, MD

Associate Professor and Director, Neurosurgery Spine

Spine Disorders

A Samy Youssef, MD, PhD

Professor and Vice Chair, Education, Director, Complex Cranial and Skull Base Surgery

Complex Cranial & Skull Base Surgery


Advanced Practice Providers 
Azin Alizadehardebili, PA-CFunctional & Movement Disorders
Terri Baker, PA-C, MSN, NP, RNSpine Disorders
Amanda Brill, RNEndovascular Surgery, Skull Base Surgery
Colin Catel, MMS, PAAdult Brain Tumor
Lawrence Cloutier, PA-CSpine Disorders
Michelle DeGrave, PA-CSpine Disorders
Elizabeth Humes, PA-CFunctional & Movement Disorders
Kristin Kasper, PA-CComplex Cranial & Skull Base Surgery
Marisa Marsolek, PA-CNeuro-Critical Care
Steven Mikesell, PA-CNeuro-Critical Care
Sonemala Phommatha, PA-CSpine Disorders
Ana Redington, PA-CSpine Disorders
Rachel Reem, PA-CNeuro-Critical Care
Jason Rich, PA-CEndovascular Surgery
Jodi Sagastume, PA-CEndovascular Surgery
Robin Saiki, DNPEndovascular Surgery, Skull Base Surgery
Atsuhiro Saisho, PA-CNeuro-Critical Care
John Shaw, PA-CNeuro-Critical Care
Ryan Williams, PA-CNeuro-Critical Care


Pediatric Care


Michael Handler, MD

Professor and Division Head, Pediatric Neurosurgery

Brain and Nervous System

Allyson Alexander, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor

Seizures or epilepsy, craniosynostosis, spina bifida, hydrocephalus, general pediatric neurosurgery
Todd Hankinson, MDBrain, Nervous System and Brain Cancer
Brent O'Neill, MDBrain and Nervous System, Traumatic and Acquired Brain Injuries
Charles Wilkinson, MDBrain and Nervous System, Trauma/Nerve Injuries