Jessica Podkulski

Clinical Service Dog Training Instructor

Jessica works as a member of Warrior Canine Connection’s service dog training team at the Marcus Institute for Brain Health. Jessica earned her Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Denver with a certificate in Animal Assisted Social Work and a concentration in Mental Health. Prior to embarking on her Master’s in Social Work, Jessica also earned a Master’s in Criminal Justice from Boston University, which she spent over a decade putting to use serving individuals in the areas of criminal defense, probate and family litigation and intellectual property. Jessica’s professional and educational experience lend her a unique perspective, as she has spent more than a decade working in both healthcare and court-mandated settings dedicated to serving the U.S. Veteran population.

Before her move to MIBH, Jessica oversaw WCC’s Menlo Park, California operations and the Veteran Treatment Court program based out of San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties in California. The program, which utilizes service dog training as a community service option for Veterans with mental health and legal issues, provides an opportunity for Warriors to help their fellow Veterans in a meaningful way.​