Quality Improvement Activities

Our quality program has been focused on alignment of our operational, regulatory, and programmatic work with our partners at UCH, SOM, and CU Medicine (formerly UPI).


Operational activities include:

  • improving timely communication of discharge summaries to meet an enterprise-wide goal of 72 hours;
  • compiling divisional or clinical unit-based dashboards;
  • providing analytic support to divisions to assist in monitoring of performance metrics; and
  • performance improvement projects stemming from our M & M conferences.

Regulatory activities include:

  • selection of metrics for ongoing professional performance evaluation (OPPE) and establishing reliable workflows for manual and electronic data collection for this effort;
  • assistance in achievement of meaningful use metrics; and
  • participating in shaping and disseminating the institutional Maintenance of Certification Program for the benefit of DOM faculty.

Quality program activities include:

  • inventorying QPS activities across the DOM;v
  • hosting a visiting professor;
  • sponsoring a symposium and poster session;
  • dissemination of information to division faculty meetings;
  • and increasing DOM representation in forums across the campus including the Clinical Leadership Council (of Vice Chairs) and the SOM strategic planning process.

    • Move to formalize our quality programs by inventorying each division
    • Develop a quality dashboard for each division, aligning required quality metrics with those of the hospital, standardizing a core set of performance metrics across divisions
    • Align QPS activities across the DOM divisions.
    • To achieve these aims, we plan to grow the size of the program in conjunction with UCH.