Patient Safety Initiatives

Our patient safety and peer review program is a multi-pronged effort that began in 2012 with the deliberative redesign, piloting, and dissemination of a systems and improvement model of Morbidity and Mortality (M & M). This model has been adopted by conferences throughout the DOM and increasingly across the School of Medicine (SOM).

  • The methodology and toolkit for the DOM M & M has been presented at several national meetings.
  • We are working collaboratively with UCH Risk Management and Clinical Effectiveness and Patient Safety (CEPS) by increasing cross-talk, reporting, and collaborative initiatives and promoting a “just culture” model in peer review in our department and at UCH and across the campus.
  • We performed the first patient safety culture survey data from DOM faculty in the fall of 2013 which will allow us to tailor our programs to identified needs.

Our goal for the next 2 years is to develop a comprehensive patient safety program by

  • Working with UCH to obtain and disseminate a patient safety dashboard;
  • Continue to promote our M & M model across the department as a way to create shared understanding of how to approach case review;
  • Pilot collaborative models of case review, and training all reviewers in “just culture” as a theoretical framework for case review;
  • Evaluate team training opportunities; and
  • Perform periodic monitoring of patient safety culture.