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Department of Medicine



Over the past decade, we’ve worked together to develop a strategic and balanced approach to building clinical, research, education, and community-based programs that support our complex and awe-inspiring mission.  As a result, these programmatic efforts have established a strong foundation for the Department of Medicine and have built capacity for:

• Strategic recruitment of high-caliber faculty and trainees
• Aggressive retention of our faculty
• Thoughtful and supportive approaches to career development for faculty and trainees
• A strong diverse training program
• Development and enhancement of interdisciplinary programs
• Management and growth of an expanding clinical enterprise while maintaining our strategic vision 

The Department of Medicine Program Summary outlines our outstanding programmatic developments in each of our mission areas over the past decade. While these programs are listed throughout our website, this document serves as a comprehensive guide of all of the Department of Medicine's program offerings. 


To promote transparency throughout the Department of Medicine, a list of our current committees are published. 

Equity and Inclusion 

The Equity Oversight Committee and its Equity Oversight Committee Charter serves to ensure that all DOM committees are composed of a balanced representation that reflects the ethnic, racial, and gender balance of our campus, that there is transparency about this representation, and that committees whose members are not representative of our campus are helped to achieve such balance in a timely fashion.

The Equity and Inclusion Policy applies to all Department-level: 

  • Standing committees
  • Search committees
  • Ad-hoc committees
  • Any department-level committee with decision-making responsibilities
Department of Medicine Equity Oversight Committee Representatives:
Joseph Walker Keach, MD             Amira Del Pino-Jones, MD
Geoff Connors, MD                        Sonia Okuyama Sasaki, MD          
Lavanya Kondapalli, MD                Kasey Bowden, FNP, NP, MSN, RN  

Standing Committees
Equity Oversight Committee
Program to Advance Gender Equity (PAGE) Committee
Promotions Committees
2021 Mid-Course Review Committee
WellDOM Leadership Representatives
Expert Council for Clinical Excellence and Leadership (EXCCEL)