Mid-Course Review

Process for Junior Faculty (Assistant Professors)

2021 Update: Dossier Submissions Will Be Due 6/1/2021

All Assistant Professors in the Department of Medicine must undergo a comprehensive Mid-Course Review during the third or fourth year of their Assistant Professor appointment. Mid-Course Reviews are required by the School of Medicine and must be completed before an Assistant Professor can submit for promotion to Associate Professor or submit a promotion extension request. 

The purpose of the Mid-Course Review is:

  • Conversation with senior faculty about career accomplishments along your Assistant Professor tenure and professional goals
  • Opportunity to ask questions and receive support from the DOM in pursuit of promotion pathway
  • Discuss which promotion series is the right fit for your career goals
  • Receive actionable and specific recommendations to help progress towards promotion

2021 DOM Mid-Course Review Process - detailed information on the general process, dossier requirements, and next steps

General Process and Timeline:

  • Junior faculty are asked to prepare a mid-course dossier and submit electronically via Interfolio no later than 6/1/2021. Dossiers submitted after 6/1/2021 are subject to being pushed back to the following cycle. 
  • Dossiers will be reviewed by 2-3 members of the Mid-Course Review Committee. The committee will evaluate the junior faculty member's teaching. clinical, research/scholarship, and service activity in regards to which promotion track they intent to pursue. 
  • A 30-minute meeting will be scheduled with the junior faculty member and committee to discuss feedback.
  • A summary letter with recommendations will be issued to the faculty member. Copies will be sent to their division head and personnel file.

2021 DOM Mid-Course Review Process

Mid-Course Review Dossier Requirements

As of 2020, the dossier requirements were modified to more closely align with the requirements for a promotions dossier. This will enable a smooth transition as junior faculty move forward from Mid-Course Review to promotion preparation. Of note, while the requirements are similar, they are not the exact same as what is required for promotion submission.

Please see below for the current requirements:

  • Comprehensive Letter of Support from Division Head
    • Begin soliciting Division Head letter between February and April, if not earlier
    • Division Head letter must outline:
      • Junior faculty member's accomplishments to date
      • Which promotion series the junior faculty member is likely to take (Regular, Clinical, or Research)
      • A progress plan to address any deficits in teaching, research/scholarship, clinical activity, and/or service before their promotion to Associate Professor can be considered favorably
      • Annual performance rating from PRiSM
  • Mentor Letter of Support
    • Optional
  • Portfolios
    • Teaching Portfolio - Required if part of the Regular Faculty Series or Clinical Practice Series
    • Clinician's Portfolio - Required for clinicians
    • Investigator's or Scholarship Portfolio - Research intensive faculty should complete the investigator's portfolio and clinician-educators should complete the scholarship portfolio
    • Institutional and Community Service and Advocacy - Highly recommended for all series, but not required
    • See the School of Medicine "Guide to Preparing a Dossier for Promotion or Tenure" for assistance and examples in putting together portfolios
  • List of Professional References
    • The should should ideally show the junior faculty member has a wide range of influence and/or demonstration of a "national reputation"
    • Reference letters are not required

    Dossier materials must be organized in this order and no more than 100 pages. Dossiers should be submitted via Interfolio.


      Additional Resources for Dossier Preparation



        Questions: Please contact Ava Russell via ava.russell@cuanschutz.edu or DOMMidcourse@ucdenver.edu