Advance Practice Provider Promotions

Dear Colleagues:

Please join us in acknowledging the outstanding contributions and celebrating the promotions of our Advance Practice Provider (APP) faculty from August 2018 – July 2019.

Individuals below have been recognized for their contributions in our mission critical areas of clinical excellence, teaching, and scholarly work. APPs are a key part of the faculty and healthcare team within our Department and their work continues to elevate achievements and accomplishments of our Department.

Please join us in congratulating your colleagues. 

Warm regards,

David A. Schwartz, MD 
Professor of Medicine and Immunology
Robert W. Schrier Chair of Medicine

Cara Wilson, MD 
Professor of Medicine and Immunology
Executive Chair, Department of Medicine 



Karen Ream, PA-C                                                   Promotion to Assistant Professor
Patrice Spurck, NP, MS                                            Promotion to Senior Instructor


Stacey Seggelke , MS, RN                                       Promotion to Assistant Professor


Meredith Beaton, NP, MSN                                       Promotion to Senior Instructor
Jessica Zucker, NP, MSN                                         Promotion to Senior Instructor  

Hospital Medicine

Stacey Staudinger, PA-C                                          Promotion to Assistant Professor
Kinsey Wimmer, PA-C                                              Promotion to Assistant Professor

Internal Medicine

Nancy Robertson, ANPC, RN                                  Promotion to Assistant Professor

Medical Oncology

Mali Wold, NP, MSN, RN                                          Promotion to Senior Instructor
Katherine Benchich, NP, MSN, RN                          Promotion to Senior Instructor

Renal Med Diseases/Hypertension

Kathryn Rafferty, NP, MS, RN                                  Promotion to Senior Instructor