Responsibilities and Function of the Mentee, Mentor, Mentor Team, Division Head and Department Chair


  • Establish mentor within 3 months of appointment. Submit Mentor Identification Form.
  • Meet with mentor at least twice a year. Document your progress with two Mentor Progress Reports.
  • Assistant professors are strongly encouraged to establish a mentorship team and meet with the mentorship team at least once a year.
  • Develop a formal DOM Individual Career Development Plan.
  • Complete your PRiSM evaluation annually. (School of Medicine annual performance evaluation) 


  • Meet with your mentee at least twice a year. (Remind your mentee to document and submit their progress reports.)
  • Ensure appropriate faculty development.
  • Establish and track milestones in career development.
  • Identify options to address career challenges.
  • Assist Assistant Professor to guide them in preparing their dossier for mid-term review.
  • Discuss promotion process (development of dossier and Promotions Committee).
  • Serve as an advocate for the mentee.

Mentor Team (recommended, not required):

  • At least two members (including primary mentor).
  • Associate Professor or above academic rank.
  • Meet with the Assistant Professor at least once (preferably twice) a year.
  • Include at least one member of the team from outside the Assistant Professor’s specific discipline.
  • Help ensure appropriate progress toward development with regards to the promotion process.
  • Goal is to help Assistant Professors develop the appropriate accomplishments that would warrant promotion. This includes critical assessment of accomplishments and plans for clinical or educational program development or research plans/grant applications.
  • Document each meeting and submit Mentor Progress Reports.

Division Head:​

  • Approval of mentor.
  • Responsible for guaranteeing that an appropriate mentoring plan is in place and being implemented for each Assistant Professor.
  • Responsible for oversight of the mentorship of each Assistant Professor.
  • Annually document the implementation and interactions between the Assistant Professor, their mentor, and their mentorship team. This documentation will eventually be part of the DOMINO annual review, however, in the absence of DOMINO revisions, the Division Head is expected to document and submit this evaluation to the Department for each Assistant Professor.

Department Chair:

  • Sign off on mentor.
  • Annually review the mentorship of each Assistant Professor with the Division Head.
  • Mid-term review with Assistant Professors being considered for promotion.

Overall Requirements:

DOM Mentoring Program Policy and Guidance

  • This policy is aligned with the requirements of the School of Medicine.
  • This policy will apply to all Assistant Professors in the Department of Medicine at UCH and our affiliates.
  • All Assistant Professors must complete annual reviews.
  • All Assistant Professor level will choose a primary mentor within 90 days of the start of the appointment period. It is the responsibility of the Assistant Professor to identify the mentor with approval by the Division Head and to be signed off by the Department Chair. Assistant Professors will have at least two meetings a year with their identified mentor.
  • Assistant Professors are strongly encouraged to develop a mentorship team that they should meet with once a year.
  • The Division Head is responsible for oversight of the mentorship of each Assistant Professor. As part of their annual evaluation, the Division Head will review the interactions between the Assistant Professor, their mentor, and their mentorship team. Until DOMINO is revised to include these new fields, this information will be documented by the Division Head on a mentorship form provided by the Department. A copy of the completed form will be forwarded by the Division Head to the Department.
  • A mid-term review will be performed by the Chair of Medicine for each Assistant Professor.