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Global Health

The Department of Medicine's Global Health program provides international training and clinical exposure in developing countries around the world is to expand the horizons of clinical and social experience of our residents.

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Who is eligible for Global Health Electives?

Residents/Fellows who are in good standing in programs at the University of Colorado School of Medicine may apply. Residents/fellows who are on probation or participating in remediation plans are not eligible.

How much time will it take to prepare for my Global Health Elective?

Preparation normally begins six months prior to travel.

Is a Global Health Elective for me?

Residents/Fellows applying to the Global Health Elective program must be in good standing with their residency program and the University of Colorado Graduate Medical Education Office/Post-Doctoral Office. Your application must be supported by your Department and Program Director.

Residents/Fellows who participate in Global Health Electives should be flexible and willing to step in where needed. In many instances, set schedules are not given ahead of time. A Global Health Elective is a wonderful opportunity to understand clinical presentation and management of common diseases in a resource-poor environment, as well as understand alternative health systems in cultural settings.

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Culturally Diverse Experiences

Practice medicine in various religious, cultural, and geographic regions of the world
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Productive Learning Environment

Broad exposure to tropical and infectious diseases as well as poorly controlled and prevalent diseases.
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Onsite mentorship from international physicians with extensive experience and expertise in managing patients in similar situations
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Global Impact

Understand health disparities and the impact on preventative care, maternal-fetal health, health maintenance and health care policy

Contact Information

‚ÄčAli I. Musani, MD, FCCP
Vice Chair, Global Health
Department of Medicine


Research Program Leads

Thomas Campbell, MD

Daniel Olsen, MD

Mark Keller, MD