Global Health

The purpose of international training and clinical exposure in developing countries around the world is to expand the horizons of clinical and social experience of our young physicians.Bicol

To provide a broad-based and culturally diverse experience of the practice of medicine in various religious, cultural, and geographic regions of the world exposing our young physicians to some of the most common and most challenging health and health economic issues of the world.

To take them out of their comfort zone, surrounded by technology and consulting services and put the onus on the primary care physician of using their clinical judgment and limited resources to diagnose and treat patients.

To provide them with a productive learning environment with a broad exposure to tropical and infectious diseases as well as poorly controlled and poorly managed prevalent diseases such as diabetes, HTN, and cardiopulmonary ailments.

To provide them in real-time and onsite mentorship from international physicians with extensive experience and expertise in managing patients in similar situations.

To provide them an opportunity to work side by side with physicians and medical students from other regions of the USA and the world towards same issues.

To get them thinking about the impact of preventative care, maternal-fetal health, health maintenance and health care policy.

To nudge them to think globally, to understand health care disparities, and to serve humanity beyond borders.Outside clinc - poor qual

If you are interested in this program please contact your Division's GHP Liaison or Division Chief (fellows and faculty), or Program Director (interns and residents) and email Dr. Ali Musani at

Contact Information

AliMusani‚ÄčAli I. Musani, MD, FCCP
Vice Chair, Global Health
Department of Medicine

DAS IMG 4-2017David A. Schwartz, MD
Chair of Medicine