Health Equity / Health Disparity

Health Equity Pathway

The Health Equity Pathway provides a venue for residents to learn, discuss and initiate action to promote health equity.  Our sessions aim to be experiential and community-based whenever possible and allow for interaction with people and organizations working towards health equity outside of the medical community. We analyze structural reasons for health disparities, aim to cultivate resilience among physicians caring for underserved or vulnerable patient populations and allow residents an opportunity to interact with local government stakeholders on issues of health equity.  

Past sessions have included:  

  • Anti-Racism, Stigma & Intersectionality 
  • Integrating Social Determinants of Health into Clinical Care 
  • Public Health of Denver 
  • Community Resource and neighborhood assessment tours 
  • Trauma-informed Care Training 
  • Advocacy, & Health Policy at the Colorado State Capitol 
  • Criminal Justice & Health 
  • Refugee & Immigrant Health 
  • Housing & Health 
  • American Indian Health 

Each year, the curriculum is determined based on the active needs of the community and the residency. New for Academic Year 2020-2021 is the opportunity to complete a mentored capstone project with a focus on health equity.  


The Health Equity Pathway is co-directed by:

If you have questions about this pathway, please email both Drs. Sarcone and Knoeckel                                                                            

Health Equity Pathway content is developed with support from:

  • Sarah Stella, MD- Housing & Community Engagement  
  • Jia Liu, MD- Educational Methods & Trauma Informed Care  
  • Michael Brunnquell, MD- Health Policy