Primary Care Track

primary careThe Primary Care Training Program at University of Colorado Denver is one of the pre-eminent training programs for residents wishing to focus on  the total care of the patient. Established in 1977, our program was one of the first primary care tracks in the country and we currently accept 9 residents into each class per year. Our program is continually evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of our graduates. We pride ourselves on the diversity of experiences and training sites we offer, the excellence of our house-staff and faculty, and the flexibility we can offer to tailor each resident’s training to their individual needs. In July 2020 Denver Health will become the official clinical home base for the Primary Care program. All primary care trainees will have their continuity clinics based in the Denver Health system. This will include an expanded array of exciting ambulatory electives and offerings in Colorado’s premiere safety net institution. Our goal is to train top-notch residents to go into careers in clinical practice, academic general internal medicine, health services, and fellowships in primary care sub-specialties such as geriatrics, GIM/public health, and palliative care. 

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