categoricalThe categorical program is the foundation of the residency and of the Department of Medicine. The program emphasizes outstanding, individualized clinical training in diverse patient care settings including University, Veterans Affairs, county, and private hospitals. Strong faculty physicians help provide a supportive educational structure with graduated responsibility over three years of training. In addition to required inpatient rotations and electives, all residents complete two months of an outpatient-based rotation at the VA including a neurology experience, a geriatrics rotation, a combined oncology and pulmonary rotation, and an emergency medicine rotation during their second and third year.  Many fellowship-bound residents do two months of research during their elective time. The program features a 4:1 schedule which provides an excellent balance of in-patient and out-patient months and allows for weekly dedicated educational time on non-call months.

Residents are able to pursue a myriad of electives in medicine subspecialties and a variety of other relevant areas in order to personalize their residency training experience. As in the Primary Care and Hospitalist Tracks, every Categorical resident selects one of three career Pathways to further individualize their training: Clinician/Educator, Research, or Leadership.  With this flexibility, residents are well-prepared to enter fellowship training or the physician workforce after completing the categorical program. 

Categorical track + MLP  

Applicants to the Categorical track, who possess excellent potential to become future academic leaders and are interested in pursuing advanced leadership training during residency, are also eligible to join the Medical Leaders Program (MLP)—a three-year program starting at the intern level that is open to residents in any track (Categorical, Primary Care, HTP). Prospective MLP candidates who are interested in the categorical track and leadership careers should apply to both programs as 4th year medical students. Desirable MLP candidates are offered positions contingent on matching into our residency program through any of the 3 established tracks (Categorical, Primary Care, Hospitalist). MLP residents who also are part of the Categorical track participate in all categorical curricular activities, and spend extra time throughout residency focusing in greater depth on hospital and health systems operations, healthcare finance, policy, clinical innovation, academic leadership, and management skills, alongside MLP participants from the Primary Care and Hospitalist tracks.