Continuity Clinics 

We are proud of the diversity of options available to residents for outpatient clinical training. All faculty preceptors at each training site are members of the University Of Colorado Division Of General Internal Medicine and are experts in outpatient medicine. Continuity with patients and preceptors is highly valued. All residents are assigned to a continuity clinic at the beginning of residency and develop their own group of primary care patients to follow during their three years of training.

3 year interns and residents spend one week intervals in clinic, alternating with four weeks of an inpatient rotation.  This allows interns to familiarize themselves more quickly with their clinic setting and establish strong relationships with faculty and staff in their continuity clinic, which in turn becomes an educational home.​​​​

Preliminary interns will do a mix of urgent care clinics and consult service during their “+1” weeks.
There are multiple sites available for continuity clinic:


University Medicine Lowry
CU Lowry

UC Health Anschutz

Veterans Affairs Medical Center
VA Medical Center

Webb Center for Primary Care
webb center for primary care

Eastside Neighborhood Health Center
eastside neighborhood health center

Westside Neighborhood Health Center
westside neighborhood health center

Sloan's Lake Primary Care Center
Sloans Lake Entrance thumbnail