Post Call & Add Back Clinic Half Day

Information for Clinic and Elective Coordinators

Please refer to the Clinic Director Update excel file for the most current schedule.

​To Elective Coordinators, 
One half day per week, each week during the ambulatory blocks, they are excused from your service and expected to attend their continuity clinic. This half day is different for each individual, but remains the same for the individual throughout the year. 

Revised 9-24-2019

N​​amePGYClinic SiteAdd Back Half Day
Addison, Jeffrey (C) BPGY 3AnschutzFriday AM
Allen, Samantha (PC) APGY 3LowryTuesday AM
Amin, Devang (C ) - BPGY 1LowryFriday AM
Anderson, McHale (C) -BPGY 2LowryTuesday PM
Arce Gutierrez, Victor Hugo (C)-BPGY 2AnschutzWednesday PM
Ard, Catherine (PC) - APGY 1WestsideTuesday PM
Arruda, Nigel (HTT) BPGY 3VATuesday PM
Azelby, Christine (C) APGY 3VAWednesday PM
Balaban, Eric (C)-BPGY 2LowryFriday PM
Beck, Natalie (C) APGY 3LowryThursday PM
Behan, Sean (C)-BPGY 2LowryWednesday PM
Bell, Caitlin ( C) - APGY 1WebbTuesday AM
Bettner, Leah (C) BPGY 3WestsideFriday AM
Block, Graham (PC)-BPGY 2WestsideTuesday AM
Bloemen, Elizabeth (PC) - APGY 1UptownTuesday AM
Bock, Allison (C) APGY 3WebbFriday AM
Bowman, Amelia (HTT) BPGY 3LowryWednesday PM
Brar, Ana (C ) - APGY 1LowryTuesday AM
Brickson, Claire ( C) - BPGY 1WebbTuesday AM
Broussard, Lindsey (C) APGY 3LowryThursday PM
Buchanan, Cole (C ) - APGY 1VATuesday PM
Buchanan, Cullen (C)-BPGY 2AnschutzTuesday PM
Burhani, Mansoor (C ) - APGY 1VATuesday PM
Campbell, Braidie (C ) - APGY 1AnschutzFriday AM
Cantu, David (C ) - B  - One BlockPGY 3VAWednesday PM
Caruso, Christopher (C)-APGY 2LowryFriday PM
Chen, Mindy - (C ) - APGY 1LowryFriday AM
Cherry, Evan (C) BPGY 3LowryWednesday PM
Chiao, Joanne ( H ) - APGY 1LowryTuesday PM
Chockalingam, Leela (HTT) - BPGY 1VAFriday AM
Clark, Sophie (PC)-BPGY 2UptownWednesday PM
Colton, Meryl ( C) - BPGY 1EastsideTuesday AM
Coulter, Jess ( HTT) - BPGY 1VATuesday PM
Debenham, Rachel (C) APGY 3LowryFriday AM
del Rosario, Francis (HTT) BPGY 3EastsideFriday AM
Depner, Kevin (PC) APGY 3UptownFriday AM
Doan, Thanhnga (C) APGY 3VAFriday AM
Doley, Peter ( C) - BPGY 1EastsideTuesday AM
Doran, Jennifer ( C) - BPGY 1LowryTuesday PM
Duarte, Cassandra (C)-BPGY 2EastsideTuesday PM
Edward, Justin (C) APGY 3VATuesday PM
Escobedo, Luis (PC) - APGY 1UptownTuesday PM
Estrada, Viridiana ( C) - APGY 1VATuesday AM
Fakhri, Shoaib (C)-BPGY 2WebbWednesday PM
Farajpour Bakhtiari, Hoda (C ) - APGY 1AnschutzTuesday AM
Foromera, Joshua (C) BPGY 3WebbFriday AM
Fox, Charlie (C)-BPGY 2VAMonday PM
Gakhar, Neel ( C) BPGY 3VATuesday PM
Gardner, Tiffany (HTT) - BPGY 1AnschutzTuesday PM
Gergen, Daniel (C) BPGY 3VAMonday PM
Giro, Pedro (C) APGY 3EastsideWednesday PM
Goldwaser, Jeanette (HTT) BPGY 3VAFriday AM
Gosche, Emily (C)-APGY 2EastsideTuesday AM
Greenblatt, Karl ( C) - APGY 1LowryTuesday AM
Grieb, Alexandra (C) BPGY 3AnschutzFriday AM
Grogan, Conor (PC)-BPGY 2WestsideWednesday PM
Guinn, Kathryn (PC)-BPGY 2UptownThursday PM
Hansen, Spencer (C) BPGY 3VAWednesday PM
Harvey, Christopher (C) APGY 3VAWednesday PM
Herner, Maranda (C)-BPGY 2VAMonday PM
Hughbanks, Marissa (HTT)-APGY 2VAWednesday PM
Hyson, Peter (C)-BPGY 2VAMonday PM
Ivanov, Sergei (PC) APGY 3WestsideFriday AM
Iyengar, Mangala (C)-APGY 2EastsideTuesday PM
Jain, Sandeep (C)-APGY 2WebbTuesday PM
Jimenez, Guillermo (C ) - APGY 1VATuesday AM
John, Jason (HTT)-APGY 2LowryTuesday AM
Johnson, Amanda (HTT)-APGY 2VAMonday AM
Johnson, Teresa (C) APGY 3EastsideThursday PM
Johnson, Thomas (PC)-BPGY 2WestsideThursday AM
Jonas, Daniel (C) APGY 3WestsideTuesday AM
Karl, Taylor (C ) - APGY 1EastsideTuesday PM
Keller, Levi (C)-APGY 2VAThursday AM
Kent, Andrew (PSTP)-BPGY 2VATuesday AM
Khatter, Sonia (C) BPGY 3LowryThursday PM
King, Samantha (C)-BPGY 2WestsideTuesday PM
Kirkpatrick, Scott (PC)-BPGY 2UptownWednesday PM
Knees, Michelle (HTT)-APGY 2WestsideTuesday PM
Kousari, Arianna (C)-APGY 2AnschutzThursday AM
Kozacka, Katie (PC) - APGY 1WestsideTuesday AM
Lakritz, Stephanie (C ) - APGY 1VAFriday AM
Lee, Paul (C)-BPGY 2AnschutzFriday AM
Leon, Ben (PC) APGY 3UptownWednesday PM
Levine, Samara (C)-APGY 2WebbTuesday PM
Li, Amy ( C) - APGY 1VAFriday AM
Li, Nanxing (C)-BPGY 2AnschutzWednesday PM
Little, David (PC) APGY 3WestsideTuesday PM
Mahal, Tarika (C ) - BPGY 1LowryTuesday AM
Mandair, Divneet (C)-APGY 2AnschutzMonday AM
Manning, Evan (C ) - BPGY 1VAFriday AM
Marll, Michael (C ) - APGY 1LowryTuesday PM
Marsh, Sydney (C) BPGY 3LowryTuesday PM
Martin, Marissa (C ) - BPGY 1VATuesday PM
McCracken, Graham (C ) - BPGY 1AnschutzTuesday PM
McGee, Corwin (C) BPGY 3LowryFriday PM
Melton, Meara (PC) APGY 3UptownTuesday AM
Mesa, Dante (C ) - APGY 1AnschutzTuesday PM
Milinic, Tijana (C)-APGY 2LowryMonday PM
Minturn, Matthew (PC) - APGY 1UptownFriday AM
Moore, Chelsea (HTT) BPGY 3LowryThursday PM
Mortaji, Parisa (C ) - BPGY 1VATuesday AM
Moudgal, Anita (C ) - BPGY 1WebbTuesday AM
Murray, Ellen (C)-APGY 2EastsideFriday AM
Nguyen, Bao-Thang Anthony (C)-APGY 2AnschutzTuesday PM
Nickel, Andrew (C)-APGY 2VATuesday PM
Nie, Yunan (C ) - BPGY 1WestsideTuesday PM
Ornoff, Doug (HTT) BPGY 3WebbTuesday PM
Paek, Michelle (C ) - BPGY 1VATuesday AM
Pangilinan, Jayce (C ) - BPGY 1LowryTuesday AM
Patel, Moksha (HTT) BPGY 3VATuesday AM
Patel, Rajiv (HTT) - BPGY 1AnschutzFriday AM
Pengshung, Michelle (C)-BPGY 2LowryTuesday AM
Pham, Michael (PC)-BPGY 2UptownThursday AM
Quach, Bill (C)-BPGY 2VATuesday PM
Raines, Joshua (C) APGY 3AnschutzTuesday PM
Rezigh, Alec (C) BPGY 3AnschutzFriday AM
Rezigh, Austin (PC) APGY 3AnschutzTuesday PM
Riordan, Maeveen (HTT)-APGY 2AnschutzMonday PM
Robertson, Kelli (C)-BPGY 2VATuesday PM
Rockstrom, Matthew (C ) - APGY 1AnschutzTuesday PM
Rudofker, Eric (C) BPGY 3WebbFriday AM
Runkel, Kate (PC) - APGY 1UptownFriday AM
Sakamoto, Mandy (C) BPGY 3EastsideTuesday PM
Saxon, Cara (PC) - APGY 1UptownTuesday PM
Schara, Hannah (PC) - APGY 1UptownTuesday AM
Schreiber, Anna (C)-APGY 2VAMonday AM
Scolaro, Jack (C ) - APGY 1EastsideTuesday AM
Scott, Emily (PC) - APGY 1WestsideTuesday AM
Shah, Sneha (HTT) APGY 3AnschutzTuesday PM
Shea, Stephanie (C)-APGY 2WebbFriday AM
Silkworth, William (HTT)-APGY 2LowryMonday PM
Simons, Emily (C) BPGY 3AnschutzWednesday PM
Simpson, Haley (PSTP) - APGY 1WebbTuesday AM
Simril, Trey (C)-APGY 2AnschutzTuesday PM
Sink, Eric (C ) - BPGY 1LowryTuesday PM
Slaven, Sarah (C ) - BPGY 1AnschutzTuesday PM
Sparks, Preston (C) APGY 3VAWednesday PM
Stand, Andrea (PC) APGY 3UptownTuesday PM
Starr, Adam (C)-BPGY 2VATuesday AM
Staum, Ben (C ) - APGY 1AnschutzTuesday AM
Stein, Eva (C ) - BPGY 1AnschutzTuesday PM
Stoen, Ericson (HTT) BPGY 3WebbWednesday PM
Taich, Zachary (C) APGY 3AnschutzFriday AM
Thompson, Garrett (PC)-BPGY 2UptownTuesday PM
Tran, Tomio (C) APGY 3VATuesday PM
Trefilek, Benjamin (PC) APGY 3UptownFriday AM
Trierweiler, Daniel (C)-APGY 2LowryFriday PM
Trinidad, Evan (C) APGY 3AnschutzWednesday PM
Urra, Manuel (C)-BPGY 2EastsideWednesday PM
Warren, Benjamin (C)-APGY 2LowryThursday PM
Weinberg, Molly (C ) - BPGY 2AnschutzFriday AM
Weingart, Melanie (C)-BPGY 2AnschutzFriday AM
Weiss, Jennifer (C) APGY 3VAMonday PM
Welle, James (PC) APGY 3WestsideWednesday PM
Wethington, Anna (PC)-BPGY 2UptownMonday AM
White, Carolina (HTT) BPGY 3EastsideFriday AM
Williams, Colt (C) BPGY 3VAWednesday PM
Yan, Kathleen (C) APGY 3AnschutzFriday AM
Zirker, Chris (C)-APGY 2VAMonday PM


  1. Continuity Clinic Block 1: 4 Week Blocks Starting July 8, Oct 28, March 2
  2. Continuity Clinic Block 2: 4 week blocks starting Aug 5, Nov 25, March 30
  3. Continuity Clinic Block 3: 4 week blocks starting Sept 2, Jan 6, April 27
  4. Continuity Clinic Block 4: 4 week blocks starting Sept 30, Feb 3, May 25​​