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Faculty Promotions Cycle FY2022–23—Promotion Effective Date July 1, 2023

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Deadlines and Details for:

  • Assistant Professors
  • Visiting Faculty
  • Early Promotion Requests
  • Promotion to Full Professor
  • Request Tenure

TENURE: Tenure requests are required to submit a completed dossier to the Department of Medicine by July 31, 2022*
Are required to submit a completed dossier to the Department of Medicine by August 31, 2022*

*If dossiers are incomplete by the above due dates, the promotion will be held for the next promotion cycle. Note: These are hard deadlines.

To begin this process, please work with your Division representative. General questions and extension requests? Contact Nancy Miller at  NANCY.J.MILLER@CUANSCHUTZ.EDU—DOM contact for this cycle.


School of Medicine Dean's Updates, Presented by Dean John C. Reilly

  • MD program graduation was held Friday, May 27
  • Leadership Search Updates:
    • Lotte Dyrbe, MD, MHPE—Senior Associate Dean for Wellness; Heide Ford, PhD accepted invitation to be chair of pharmacology
    • 11 of 23 departments now have female chairs
    • Ongoing chair searches in Radiology, ENT, Dermatology, H&N Surgery, Physiology, Personalized Medicine, Pediatric Surgery, Pediatric Orthopedics
  • Affiliated Hospitals Updates:
    • UCH: New COO is starting soon
    • DH: ongoing leadership searches for Medicine, Surgery, Family Medicine and CEO 
    • VA: new Chair of Medicine and Chief of Staff
  • In preparation for Roe vs. Wade being overturned, CUSOM having discussions with OB/GYN to prepare for increased number of patients coming from out of state seeking reproductive services.

    Overview of Colorado Physician Health Program, Presented by Sarah Early, PsyD—Director of CPHP Services 

    • More information on CPHP and what they offer. Key take-aways are they are a peer-assistance program for physicians, other providers and trainees.
    • Services expand beyond issues with substance use or addiction to include help with burnout, stress, family difficulties, mental health concerns, etc.

    School of Medicine Admissions Update, Presented by Jeffrey Soohoo, MD, Assistant Dean of Admissions

    Overall, CUSOM expects a strong class of matriculants (~184 from a total of more than 10,000 applicants).

    • 49% of matriculants anticipated to be in-state
    • 51% anticipated to identify as female
    • Admissions committee undergoes a holistic review with each candidate

    Faculty interested in helping with the admissions process may indicate this on their PRiSM reviews of reach out to Jeffrey Soohoo directly.

    CUSOM Faculty Senate is Soliciting Nominations for Officer Positions

    • The positions of president-elect (must be from a non-clinical department) and secretary are open. Nominations may be submitted here.

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