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2022 Faculty Promotions

We are pleased to announce the Associate Professor and Professor promotions and tenure awarded during this academic year, effective July 1, 2022. See the full list here. Congratulations to all! 


Professional Development OpportunitiesUpcoming Professional Development Opportunities

Check out this faculty development activities handout highlighting opportunities in the Department of Medicine and School of Medicine.



Faculty Promotions Cycle FY2022–23—Promotion Effective Date July 1, 2023

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Deadlines and Details for:

  • Assistant Professors
  • Visiting Faculty
  • Early Promotion Requests
  • Promotion to Full Professor
  • Request Tenure

TENURE: Tenure requests are required to submit a completed dossier to the Department of Medicine by July 31, 2022*
Are required to submit a completed dossier to the Department of Medicine by August 31, 2022*

*If dossiers are incomplete by the above due dates, the promotion will be held for the next promotion cycle. Note: These are hard deadlines.

General questions and extension requests? Contact Lynette Brandon, DOM HR Director. 


School of Medicine Dean's Updates, Presented by Dean John C. Reilly

  • UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital: remains very busy, and staffing remains a challenge; AHRQ culture of survey addressed four areas: communication, closing loop of feedback, safer handoffs, and staff shortages. Tower 3 is on schedule for occupancy early 2024.

  • Children’s Hospital of Colorado: staffing storage and communication during handoffs was listed as focus of attention from survey.

  • Five department chair positions are open.

  • New restaurant/cafe opening in new Health Sciences Building in August/early September.

  • School of Medicine administration is currently discussing office space redistribution including consideration of incentives to encourage faculty and staff to spend time on campus. No decisions or policies will be enacted until Fall, 2022, if at all.

CU Anschutz Research Informatics Office (CRIO), Presented by Steven Andrews and Jim Costello

Instructor and Senior Instructor Eligibility for Faculty Senate

  • The Faculty Senate reviewed a letter from the Junior Faculty Promotions and APP Promotions committees with a proposal to reverse a change to the 2021 SOM Rules stating, “Faculty Senate members shall be elected from members…holding the rank of assistant professor and above”. 
  • With this rule, faculty at the rank of instructor and senior instructor, which includes 39% of all faculty and 95% of APPs, were subsequently excluded from serving as members of the Faculty Senate. 
  • The Faculty Senate did not act on this recommendation but will readdress when the Senate convenes in September after the topic has been presented to the Rule and Governance Committee.

Faculty Senate Elections

  • Faculty Senate elections are coming soon! Senators serve for 2-year terms and departments receive an allocation of senator positions based on the size of the department.

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