Clinical Project Development

The Hirsch Biomarker Analysis Laboratory has a substantial history in participating in clinical studies to provide analysis of standardized as well as emerging biomarkers. Our CLIA certified laboratory can provide support for both small and large projects. Our team can provide comprehensive support in project management, clinical coordination, histological staining, and pathology review including quality control. The Hirsch laboratory also has immediate access to biostatisticians from the UCD cancer center to assist in data analysis.

Project Implementation

Small projects can be contracted through the use of the Hirsch Laboratory Service Center. Information is provided by the sponsor using a specific project form with identification of billing information and appropriate sponsor approval. The project can often be initiated within a week from data form submission.

Large Projects involving substantial work and with durations including years can be initiated through a standard subcontract arrangement. After the project information has been provided by the sponsor, a general contract will be developed for review by both parties. The UCD office of grants and contracts is working to streamline the review process with UCD contract administrators working directly with sponsors to minimize the time necessary to approve documents.

Service Center Contract Forms

​Please fill out any of the forms below that pertain to your request and email to

Project Development Steps and Timeline

ActivityTime Required
1. Goals & Milestones 2 Days
2. Selection of Samples1 Week
3. IRB Requirements3 Weeks
4. Development of Budget2 Days
5. Negotiated Project Plan1 Week
6. Contract Signature3 Weeks