Team Challenge Grants

The Team Challenge Grant​ Program​​ awards up to $200,000 to help teams of investigators at the University of Colorado develop and submit NIH program project grant applications.

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This Request for Applications (RFA) is issued by the Linda Crnic Institute for Down Syndrome to catalyze the development of competitive NIH grant applications for P-series (Research Program Projects and Centers), U-series (Cooperative Agreements), or similar ‘team science’ NIH research grants important for the mission of the Crnic Institute​. Team Challenge applications should propose innovative and synergistic research projects around a central theme of key relevance to Down syndrome, and should involve at least three faculty members of the University of Colorado holding a position of tenure-track Assistant Professor or higher. Team Challenge applications should be responsive to existing or upcoming NIH RFAs for relevant awards.

Team Challenge applications should propose the assembly of research programs to further our understanding of key Down syndrome phenotypes or co-morbidities. Successful applications should describe how the team assembled will be ‘more than the sum of the parts’, and why the research program proposed should be funded by a team science award, rather than by individual, smaller NIH awards. ​Crnic Team Challenge awardees are expected to submit P-, U-, or related-series applications during Cycle I of NIH 2020 deadlines (January – March 2020 due dates). ​

Award Information

$100,000 to be received in August 2019 for development of new NIH application.

Submission of P-, U-, or related-series applications during Cycle I of NIH 2020 deadlines (January – March 2020 due dates). 

$100,000 to be received upon submission of new NIH application. These funds would be used to continue development of the program and potential resubmission of the grant. 

The Crnic Institute will pledge $50,000/year as a testament of institutional support for all submitted applications. Funding will be made available in sync with NIH award.

The Crnic Institute expects to award 2-3 Team Challenge Grants in 2019, depending on the quality of proposals.​


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