Application Form

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and are preferred on or before July 1 of each year.

Applications must be prepared by the Trainee and approved by the thesis advisor or PI. Each application must include the following information in three sections.

Section 1. Information about the applicant

  • Name
  • Thesis advisor’s or PI’s name
  • Current year of study
  • Teaching experience, if any. Please include role (e.g. Teaching Assistant), course titles when listing course numbers (e.g. MCDB 300, Biochemistry) and course location (e.g. CU Denver), and a brief explanation of responsibilities.

Section 2. Teaching Statement

A developed statement of commitment to the Teacher Training Program. This should include how the proposed experience as a Trainee will enhance the Trainee’s development as a teacher and clearly demonstrate evidence of commitment to teaching.

Section 3. Letter of Support

A letter or brief statement of support from thesis advisor(s) and/or PI for the Trainee to participate in the Teacher Training Program, preferably dated and signed.

Procedure for Submitting Applications

Applicants must complete the electronic application form and email the PI letter of support to within 1 week of submitting the electronic application. 

A selection committee will review all applications and notify applicants of status within 1 month of submission. 

Please contact Aimee Bernard ( if you have any questions about the program.