22nd Annual Colorado Immunology & Microbiology Conference

Steamboat Springs, CO, USA: August 30 - September 1, 2023

Main Topics:

Diabetes and Autoimmunity

Microbial Pathogenesis

Host Pathogen Interactions

Cancer Immunotherapy

Speakers and Schedule


Steamboat Grand
Steamboat Springs, Colorado




An authentic mountain town, steeped in adventure, history and culture yet full of modern amenities. Check out what activities Steamboat has to offer during free time.




(from the 21st Annual Colorado Immunology & Microbiology Conference)

2022 Sponsors and Vendors

VENDORS - If you would like more information,  on contributing to the  2023 conference CLICK HERE.
If you have questions or would like to be a vendor at the Poster & Vendor Sessions, please contact 
Andrea Edwards.



CIMC Planning Committee:

Roberta Pelanda, PhD, Chair
Professor, Department of Immunology & Microbiology

Kelly Doran, PhD
Professor, Department of Immunology & Microbiology

Jenna Guthmiller, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Immunology & Microbiology

James Scott-Browne, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Immunology & Microbiology

John Beckham, PhD
Professor, Department of Infectious Disease

Andrea Edwards
Research Services Program Manager, Department of Immunology & Microbiology

Brooke Lydick
HR and Communications Principal Professional, Department of Immunology & Microbiology

Michelle Simmons
Research Services Professional, Department of Immunology & Microbiology


Questions? Contact Brooke Lydick