COVID-19 Resources

Helpful Resources for All During this Unprecedented Time

Our Clinic

Currently the building where the HTC is located is locked 24/7 as is the remainder of the Anschutz Medical Campus except for hospitals. We have resumed seeing patients in person from 8 am to 4:30 pm but all patients will be screened and should not come if they have any symptoms of COVID-19. All visits are by appointment only and masks must be worn while in our clinic per Anschutz Medical Campus requirements.

Patients needing to be seen must call and schedule a visit, and once at the HTC, must call the pager number posted on the exterior doors to then be allowed inside and be screened for respiratory illness. If you need to be seen more urgently, please discuss with a HTC clinical staff who may instruct you to go to your nearest emergency room. In a life-threatening emergency always call 911. Contact us here.

See our most recent updates about our efforts to safely administer care.

Letter from June 1, 2020, including our precautions and restrictions for on-campus care.

Letter from Nov 6, 2020, including our methods for managing care via tele-health.


​​Medical & Scientific Resources​

There are many resources online with updated information on the COVID-19 (Coronavirus). We recommend only using sources that provide official information to avoid misinformation and confusion. Sites we can recommend include: The main website for the CDC. It has many links and a lot of information available including information on the COVID-19 (Coronavirus). A specialized site from the CDC that is totally dedicated to COVID-19, resources, prevention, and up to date information. Resource for updated information from Colorado.​ Resource for updated information from Montana. Resource for updated information from Wyoming.


Nationwide many places have lifted mask mandates. There are varying rules where masks are required, and that can be confusing. Currently we are requiring all patients and family members coming into our office wear a mask regardless of vaccination status. Our staff will continue to wear masks in clinic as our continued, cautious approach for treating patients, while following the Anschutz Medical Campus guidelines in place.


Self-Isolate/Quarantine or Stay-At-Home Resources​

During exposure or diagnosis of COVID-19 infection, self-isolating is a good way to keep others from being exposed. If exposed or testing positive and in self-quarantine, it can feel very disconnected from normalcy. Staying isolated can be challenging but there are a number of resources to provide help and support. The pandemic has brought significant stress and change to many families, including job loss, loss of family or friends, and financial strain. 

Our HTC team, including our Psychosocial team, Physical Therapy team, and Clinical Care team have resources that can be a help to both families and individuals who are abiding by a recommendation to stay at home and may need some support.

Resources from our Psychosocial Team​​

Talking to Children about COVID-19

Check out How to Talk to Your Child About Coronavirus/COVID-19 for a helpful guide on talking to kids about COVID-19.

One resource shared early in the pandemic is an online book with a video called "Something Strange Happened in my City: A Children's Social Story" by Dr. Shu-Chen Yen. Pdf version you and your child can read together is available here. ​

Our Psychosocial team is in the office and available to help you and your family if you are struggling with isolation, mental health, or loss. Please call (303) 724-0724 ​and ask to be directed to one of our team members.

Financial Resources

Many people have struggled with unemployment, financial strain, and other stressors on life resources. If you are in need of support for food, rent, internet, or employment, our Psychosocial team may be able to direct you to some helpful resources. Reach out to our social workers by calling (303) 724-0724.

Books and Reading is a free site where a variety of actors and other celebrities read books to children.

The Libby appOverdrive, or Hoopla are tools used by local libraries to download audio or e-books that you check out like a library book. Most local libraries use apps or software like this and most libraries allow you to borrow from them, even if you aren't in their district. Explore your local library online for these resources. Some libraries even offer streaming of movies and TV shows, and have free digital educational courses.

Check out Denver Public Library​ for ideas of what many libraries offer right now, and search for the library near you that may have similar resources. 

Resources for Animal Lovers

If you are at home and missing the chance to get out and see animals, many zoos, aquariums, and nature centers have free webcams that you can watch animals from your home. Do a google search for animals you are interested in. A few fun examples we found: The Denver Zoo has a virtual SafariThe San Diego​ Zoo has multiple webcams​; there is a Polar Bear Exhibit at Ouwehand Zoo in the Netherlands; Cincinnati Zoo has a Home Safari, and the National Zoo in Washington D.C. has several webcams too.

Arts, Crafts, Culture, Learning

Coloring Pages & Crafts

There are many really wonderful opportunities right now that support the arts for all ages. A few great resources we found include:   Art institutions all around the world have coloring books to download for freemindfulness coloring books; even one designed to answer questions about COVID-19 as you color. This site is one of many offering ideas on fun crafts to do at home, not to mention taking a peek at Pinterest.

Art Museums

If you want to look at art, being stuck at home won't prevent you. Many art museums are offering online​ access to virtual tours or videos about the art in their buildings. Check out this huge list of museum options you can access from home.

National Parks

Itching to go see some great parks, but unable to get there? A large number of our national parks can be viewed virtually with the help of Google Earth

Field Trips for Kids

A quick search online can come up with many great options. Here's just one we found that has some great resources for virtual field trips​.

Kid fun and Learning Resources 

We have been given many activity resources for children, as well as some learning from home resources. Check out these great options for keeping toddlers to teens busy and learning, whether isolated due to illness, or home during the summer:

Activities for Toddlers:

Learning videos, games and books:

Seussville, fun site with videos and games based on Dr. Seuss stories:

Free Printable Homeschool resources:​

This is an unprecedented event in world history. This printable COVID-19 Time Capsule activity allows families to document their experience to remember what they were feeling and doing. 

Crafts, activities, worksheets and coloring pages:

Science, learning, animals, games from National Geographic:

Keep your math skills sharp with games at Arcademics:

Activities, fun, games, and music at Highlights Kids:

Resources from our Physical Therapy Team​

Our incredible Physical Therapy team knows it's hard on everyone being out of our physical routines. They have put together some great information and guidelines to help all our patients and their family members stay healthy during this time. 

They share in a new guide "How to Keep Moving While Staying at Home":  For most of us our typical physical activities and exercise routines have been cut back or even put on hold to follow important physical distancing guidelines. Staying at home doesn’t have to mean sitting still, and you don’t need a home gym or special equipment to get started. Here are some ideas to help you figure out ways to take care of your physical fitness at home.​

They also provided some handy exercise sheets to help make sure you get the stretches you need.

Upper Body Stretches 

Lower Body Stretches

Strength Training

While these are some general guidelines, please feel free to contact our PT team with any questions, concerns, or for ideas on how to tailor a program to meet your individual needs. HTC PT Line: (303)-724-0724​.