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Our research program is focused on the characterization and targeting of leukemia stem cells (LSCs). We employ several experiment model systems to study primary stem cell populations...

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Pietras Lab

The goal of my lab is to use cutting-edge molecular, genetic and cellular approaches to understand how inflammation reprograms HSC fate choices, and to understand...

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Sherbenou Lab

Our research focus is in therapeutic optimization for multiple myeloma, especially for patients with drug resistant and advanced disease. In particular, we are interested in...

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Anschutz Cancer Pavillion

Clinical Trials

Investigators in the Hematology Clinical Trials Unit (HCTU) are actively engaged in multiple research activities aimed at improving outcomes for patients with blood cancers and related disorders...

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Anemia Metabolite Laboratory

We offer a CLIA-certified quantitative assay for methylmalonic acid, methylcitric acid, homocysteine and cystathionine. Our research involves the anemias and other disorders...

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