How We Care for Our Veterans

Veterans honorably discharged from service receive benefits and services from The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) that address the unique needs of our aging veteran population. Our patient-focused approach offers a variety of services and programs at home, at VA medical centers and in the community. In addition to providing quality patient care, the ongoing achievements of our researchers and educators benefit the community at large.  

Outpatient Care

Denver VA Geriatric Medicine Clinic
Our Geriatric Medicine primary care providers, pharmacy specialists, nutritionists, and social workers are available to oversee the health and well-being of Veterans with multiple chronic conditions, life-limiting illness, frailty or disability associated with chronic disease. For more information contact The Denver VA Geriatrics Office at 303-393-2822.

Denver VA Palliative Care Clinic
Our Denver VA Palliative Care Team offers clinic services focusing on comfort measures,  relief of suffering and control of symptoms associated with acute or chronic conditions as you approach the end of life. For more information please contact the Denver VA Palliative Medicine Office at 303-393-2822.

Telehealth Community Outreach
We recognize that many of our elderly veterans have difficulty traveling to our care centers because of logistic or physical impairments. The Denver VA Telehealth Service uses computer technology through skype to offer diagnostic evaluations,  disease management, and general outreach to those veterans living in rural areas or with limited ability to transport to our medical center.

Home-Based Primary Care
Remember when doctors used to make “house calls”? Home Based Primary Care offers a full range of health care services provided to Veterans in their home. A VA physician supervises the health care team who provides primary care, skilled nursing care, mental health, nutrition, pharmacy management, personal care and other services that might otherwise only be offered in a nursing home. Please call 303-393-2822 for more information.

Home Health Care
The services of a Homemaker and Home Health Aide can help elderly veterans remain living in their own home. A Homemaker and Home Health Aide can be used as a part of an alternative to nursing home care, and as a way to get Respite Care at home for veterans and their caregivers.

Adult Day Health Care
The Denver VA contracts with many community-based adult day care centers which provide social activities, peer support, companionship, and recreation for veterans who are isolated or who have caregivers experiencing burden.

Inpatient Care

Denver VA Medical Center
Our Denver VA Medical Center offers state of the art medical diagnostic and treatment capabilities. We are staffed with some of our Country’s finest trained providers. We look forward to continuing quality care when we open your new Rocky Mountain Regional VA Medical Center in Aurora later this year.

Pueblo VA Community Living Center
Veterans who are > 70% service connected and who require the care of a nursing home level care may be eligible for admittance to the Pueblo VA Community Living Center. The facility, located at 4776 Eagle ridge Circle in Pueblo Colorado, is managed solely by the Department of Veterans Affairs.  The mission of our Community Living Center is to restore each Veteran to his or her highest level of well-being, to prevent declines in health and to provide comfort at the end of life.

Valor Point Domiciliary
This residential treatment site is for homeless veterans who need assistance and treatment intervention to gain skills that will help them move to independent living. Veterans are required to be independent in all aspects of self-care. 

Colorado State Veterans Community Living Centers (Nursing Homes)
Unlike the Pueblo VA Community Living Center, Colorado State Veterans Homes are managed by the State of Colorado, with the VA offering some oversight and financial support. Honorably discharged veterans, their spouses and gold star parents (those who have lost a child in the line of duty) are eligible for admittance. Colorado has five State Homes and one domiciliary.