GSIP Seminar Series

Seminars are an integral component of the Gates Summer Internship Program. Please enjoy the seminars below, which feature GSIP mentors and other faculty investigators and clinicians, as they showcased their various career paths and discoveries. 

These presentations introduce diverse topics including cancer, ophthalmology, orthopedics, as well as stem cell and regenerative medicine.

DatePresenter Webinar TopicWebinar Recording
May 27thDennis Roop, Ph.D. - Director - Gates Center for Regenerative Medicine Dennis RoopMy Long Unplanned and Improbable Journey to ColoradoWatch Dr. Roop's Webinar Recording
Jun. 8thNatalia Vergara, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor - Department of OphthalmologyNatalia VergaraUsing Stem Cell-Derived Retinal Organoids for Therapeutic DevelopmentWatch Dr. Vergara's Webinar Recording
Jun. 10thJeffrey Jacot, Ph.D. - Associate Professor - Department of BioengineeringJeffrey Jacot
Laboratory-Grown Heart Tissue to Understand and Treat Heart Defects
Watch Dr. Jacot's Webinar Recording
Jun. 22ndLinda Barlow, Ph.D. - Professor - Department of Cell and Developmental BiologyLinda BarlowThe Sense of Taste: Development, Regeneration, and DysfunctionWatch Dr. Barlow's Webinar Recording
Jun. 24thNidia Quillinan, Ph.D. - Associate Professor - Department of AnesthesiologyNidia QuillinanIschemic Brain Injury – Beyond Acute Cell DeathWatch Dr. Quillinan's Webinar Recording
July 1stSantos Franco, Ph.D. - Associate Professor - Department of PediatricsSantos FrancoControl of Neural Stem Cell Fate in the Developing BrainWatch Dr. Santos Franco's Webinar Recording
July 8thKristine Sikora, Ph.D. - Assistant Dean & Director - Graduate SchoolKristine SikoraPathways to Translational Research and MedicineWatch Dr. Sikora's Webinar Recording
July 15thRonald Vagnozzi, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor - Department of CardiologyRon VagnozziTranslational Cardiovascular Research and the Dream of Heart RegenerationWatch Dr. Vagnozzi's Webinar Recording



DatePresenter Webinar TopicWebinar Recording

Jun. 4th

Joseph Brzezinski, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Department of Ophthalmology

Joe Brzezinski

Stem Cell & Regenerative Approaches for Treating Eye Diseases

Watch Dr. Brzezinski's Webinar Recording

Jun. 11th

Holger Russ, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes & Department of Pediatrics

Holger Russ

Generating Functional Human Cells from Stem Cells to Model and Treat Autoimmune Diabetes

Watch Dr. Russ's Webinar Recording

Jun. 18th

Lori Walker, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Department of Cardiology

Lori Walker

The Fibroblast Secretome Drives Cardiomyocyte Dedifferentiation

Watch Dr. Walker's Webinar Recording

Jun. 25th

Jeffrey Jacot, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Department of Bioengineering

Jeffrey Jacot

Cardiac Tissue Engineering

Watch Dr. Jacot's Webinar Recording
Jul. 9th

Stanca Birlea, M.D., Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Department of Dermatology



Methods to characterize the hair follicle melanocyte and keratinocyte precursors using a human model of vitiligo repigmentation


Watch Dr. Birlea's Webinar Recording

Jul. 16th

Kristine Sikora, Ph.D.

Director & Assistant Dean

Graduate School


Pathways to Translational Research and Medicine

Watch Dr. Sikora's Webinar Recording
Jul. 23rd

Jeffrey Moore, Ph.D.

Director & Associate Professor

Cell Biology, Stem Cells and Development Program


Madison Rogers

GSIP Alumna & Ph.D. Student

Cell Biology, Stem Cells and Development Program


Ph.D. Training in Biomedical Research

Watch Dr. Moore and Madison Rogers' Webinar Recording

Jul 30th

Jennifer Richer, Ph.D.


Department of Pathology 

Jennifer Richer

Androgen Receptor Supports an Anchorage-
Independent, Cancer Stem Cell-like Population in
Triple-Negative Breast Cancer
Watch Dr. Richer's Webinar Recording

Aug. 6th

Kristin Artinger, Ph.D.


Department of Craniofacial Biology 

Kristin Artinger (1)

Neural Crest Stem Cells in Development and DiseaseWatch Dr. Artinger's Webinar Recording

Aug. 13th

Branden Salinas, Ph.D.


Gates Biomanufacturing Facility 

Branden SalinasIntroduction to cGMPWatch Dr. Salinas's Webinar Recording

Aug. 20th

Karin Payne, Ph.D.


Department of Orthopedics Assistant 

92991720_191007_karinpayne_webRegenerative Medicine Approaches for the
Treatment of Growth Plate Injuries

Presentation Only

Aug. 27thSenior Presentation 1: Ella Annest (Mentor - Dr. Mayumi Fujita) 

Senior Presentation 2: Chiara Dart (Mentor - Dr. Yiqun Shellman) 

12.3 Chiara Dart


Senior Presentation 1: NLRP1 Inflammasome in Melanoma

Senior Presentation 2: Therapeutic potential of 5-Azacitidine plus various BH3 Mimetics in melanoma

Watch GSIP 2020 Senior Presentation Webinars

Aug. 27th

Dennis Roop, Ph.D.


Gates Center for Regenerative Medicine 

Dennis Roop

Transformative Technologies in Medicine

Watch Dr. Roop's Webinar Recording



The 2022 application period is currently closed. We will be accepting applications for the Class of 2023 in December 2022. Applicants from all backgrounds who are enrolled in a science-related major in an undergraduate program at the time of application are encouraged to apply.

The program was delighted to host the 25 exceptional interns who participated in 2021 summer program!