Gates Center Entrepreneur in Residence


The Gates Center Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) focusses on helping Gates Center members develop their technologies for commercialization. The Gates Center has realized that to effectively move technologies to the clinic, research scientists need someone with previous experience to guide them through the process, especially the FDA requirements. The EIR is able to provide that support and connect Gates Center members with consultants and advisors, as needed. The EIR also works closely with CU Innovations to patent the technologies, to market them to existing companies, and to assemble a team if the best option is to form a startup company.

Heather Callahan, Ph.D., J.D., EMBA, is the Gates Center Entrepreneur in Residence. She has extensive experience in drug discovery and development, intellectual property protection, business development & licensing, and startup formation. She manages the Gates Grubstake Fund and the Startup Toolbox program. She works closely with Gates Center members to identify the resources needed to develop and protect intellectual property, translate scientific discoveries, and commercialize regenerative medicine products.