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The health policy journal club is an interdisciplinary, inter-professional group convened monthly by the Farley Health Policy Center to discuss timely topics in health policy. A curated selection of high-yield articles provides the basis for discussion. Past topics have included income inequality and health, professionalism in medicine, patients as consumers, and adjusting payment for measures of social risk. This page presents the reading list from the most recent journal club along with key takeaways from the articles and discussion.

Health Policy Journal Club, May 2021

The Current State and Future of Primary Care 


  1. Willis J, Antono B, Bazemore A, Jetty A, Petterson S, George J, Rosario BL, Scheufele E, Rajmane A, Dankwa-Mullan I, Rhee K. The State of Primary Care in the United States: A Chartbook of Facts and Statistics. October 2020. 
  2. McMahon LF, Rise K, Irby-Johnson N, Chopra V. Designed to fail? The future of primary care. J Gen Intern Med. 2020;36(2):515-7. 
  3. Berwick D. Questions to guide the future of primary care. Institute for Healthcare Improvement. October 9, 2020. 
  4. Fernandez A. What will primary care look like in 2040? 7 predictions from Dr. Lauren Hughes. MATTER. October 15, 2020

Key takeaways from the readings


All the articles are grounded in the proven and generally accepted premise that properly funded and staffed primary care is essential for high quality patient outcomes and cost control.



    The Current State and Future of Primary Care