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This portal is the place for DFM faculty and staff to submit requests for help with research, evaluation and/or scholarship. Please note it is not for admin requests, (e.g., travel reimbursements, travel booking, purchases, registrations etc.) those should still go to

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Pilot and Exploratory Program

This document contains an overview of the Pilot and Exploratory Program (page 2) and the required proposal content for submission (page 3). If you are interested in applying to the program, please submit a request using the DFM Inquiry Portal which will add you to the program queue and trigger the set up of an initial meeting with Carlee Kreisel, Research Services Specialist. We encourage you to review (but not complete) the document prior to meeting with Carlee .

Pilot and Exploratory Program Document


Jodi Holtop, PhD, MCHES
Vice Chair for Research