The Women’s Integrated Services in Health (WISH)

​This rotation gives interns the opportunity to develop skill in integrated healthcare practice with a specialty population. Interns will be providing services to women, ages 13-end of life in a dynamic, fast-paced, and energetic setting. Interns will provide assessments, triage patients to long-term care, and provide brief, focused treatment to women addressing a variety of concerns such as: depression, anxiety, eating disorders, trauma, difficulty with adherence to medical treatment, substance use disorder, grief, and pain. 

The Women’s Integrated Services in Health (WISH) clinic is housed in the University of Colorado Hospital, Anschutz Outpatient pavilion. All patients of integrated care services are primary care patients of the WISH clinic. The WISH clinic providers are a diverse, multidisciplinary team comprised of seven physicians, one nurse practitioner, two nurses, one pharmacologist, 11 medical assistants, and one psychologist. Patients are referred to integrated care services by their physician, who initiates the referral and engages the psychologist. Electronic health records (EPIC) are used within the clinic and greater hospital system. ​