Class of 2020-2021

Dr. Jessica Krueger

Jessica Krueger, MD

Residency:  University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) St. Margaret - Family Residency Program

Medical School: University of Maryland School of Medicine

Why did you choose to do a fellowship at the University of Colorado?

As part of my residency program, I was assigned to a family health center in New Kensington, PA, at the heart of the opioid epidemic. At our monthly residency mortality reviews, overdoses and diseases directly related to substance use were routinely the number one cause of mortality - often surpassing the more "traditional" diseases like heart disease and cancer. I feel that the ability to provide substance use and addiction treatment is not just an option, but a prerequisite towards comprehensive primary care, particularly in an urban, underserved setting.


After this fellowship, I plan to continue in the outpatient setting – but will likely carve out a dedicated portion of my time towards providing MAT and Hepatitis C treatment.


I chose the University of Colorado because it is a strong addiction medicine program, and offers experiences in a variety of treatment settings -- including inpatient consult services and residential treatment programs! I had really wanted to experience the residential treatment setting and we spend a full three months at CeDAR working with addiction psychiatrists – something which I hope will help me develop my motivational interviewing skills and help patients with meaningful behavioral change.


Tidbit About Yourself: 

I am big on road trips!  I have traveled all across the United States – and have been to 49 states! 

Prior to this fellowship, I had actually planned on leaving the east coast for some time.  I’m excited to take advantage of all of the outdoor adventures Colorado has to offer – hiking, camping, snowshoeing, snowboarding, etc.

Email: Jessica.Krueger@cuanschutz.edu

Dr. Jennifer Lyden

Jen Lyden, MD

Residency: Internal Medicine, Global Health and Underserved Populations Track; University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Medical School: Georgetown University School of Medicine

Why did you choose to do a fellowship at the University of Colorado?  

I am currently a Hospitalist at Denver Health where I routinely care for patients with substance use disorders. These clinical experiences have highlighted the extent to which addiction disorders contribute to comorbid medical illnesses and interfere with delivery of quality medical care. I chose to pursue fellowship at the University of Colorado because I am committed to working to integrate addiction medicine services within hospital medicine and improve the health and healthcare experience for patients within my own community. I was also driven by the opportunity to learn from the experienced and compassionate faculty at UCH dedicated to caring for patients suffering from substance use disorders.

Tidbit About Yourself: 

I am originally from Massachusetts and moved to Denver in 2016 by way of Seattle. While I miss the ocean and will always consider myself a New Englander with an absurd obsession with the Red Sox and a passion for a good Seattle coffee, my husband and I now call Denver home. We have two boys, a two-year-old and 4-month-old, who keep us on our toes!

Email: Jennifer.Lyden@cuanschutz.edu

Class of 2019-2020

Dr. David Mendez

David Mendez, M.D.

Primary Board Certification:  Family Medicine

Additional Board Certification:  Addiction Medicine 

Residency:  University of Colorado

Medical School:  University of Texas Southwestern

Dr. Richard Vigh

Richard Vigh, MD

Primary Board Certification: Ob/Gyn

Residency: St. Luke's University Health Network - Obstetrics & Gynecology

Medical School: Saba University School of Medicine

Why did you choose to do a fellowship at the University of Colorado?

CU Denver has an excellent addiction medicine department that is augmented with a multidisciplinary research environment. There is a strong obstetrics program at this institution, providing fellows with the opportunity to interact with pregnant patients. It is also a tertiary referral center, providing the opportunity to care for patients who are afflicted by uncommon conditions.