Family Medicine United for Colorado

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Family Medicine United for Colorado is a collaborative volunteer community of solutions organized around the principle of collective action in response to Colorado's growing primary care crisis.

  • Primary care is a cardinal function and necessary prerequisite for any successful healthcare system, and as such is essential to the health of Colorado's communities. 
  • Family Medicine is a medical specialty uniquely created and designed to fulfill the primary care function. 
  • The COVID-19 pandemic, combined with pre-existing regulatory, organizational, social and financial barriers, threatens the very existence of Family Medicine, and therefore Colorado's capacity to deliver on the promise of primary care. 
  • Colorado's family medicine practices, regardless of structure or ownership, have largely had to respond to this crisis in relative isolation.  
  • This represents an intolerable threat to the physical, mental and fiscal health and wellbeing of Coloradans, their communities, and the state.

Our mission is to preserve and advance Family Medicine during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our vision is that all Colorado family medicine practices join together in conjunction with their communities to protect and promote the physical, mental, and fiscal well-being of all. 

Our aim is to connect Colorado family medicine practices and their communities with the organizations, individuals and resources they need to meet their goals.

Winter Is Coming....

Is your practice ready for potential increased spread of COVID-19?

We can help.

Don't Know Where To Start?

The National Association of Free & Charitable Clinics (NAFC) and the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) have offered up key considerations for managing your practice during the pandemic.

Check out their resources:



And, There's More

Need help with telemedicine implementation, billing, safety precautions or even systematic support to keep your doors open? Experts are available to help you at no cost. They have tools and resources to share, in addition to a free consultation. Contact AnswerBank to evaluate your practice needs for help through Family Medicine United for Colorado.


Family Medicine United for Colorado is a collaborative among the University of Colorado Department of Family Medicine (DFM), the Colorado Academy of Family Physicians (CAFP), and the Colorado Center for Primary Care Innovation. It was created and inspired by DFM’s Frank deGruy to help family medicine practices survive COVID-19 and become stronger and better after the crisis.


Robert Thompson
Communications Program Director