Opioid QI Project Template

For all QI Projects involving Opioids, please use this template to submit your project

COVID-19 QI Project Submission

Any and all QI efforts relating to COVID-19 should use this form to submit the project.  Projects can relate directly to treating COVID-19 patients or to projects involving efforts to adjust patient care as a result of COVID-19 (i.e. moving in person patient visits to telehealth).

Physician Attestation

All physicians, including project leaders, participating in any MOC Part IV project must submit a physician attestation to receive credit.  If approved, participation will be reported to the national Multi-Specialty MOC Program and the participating specialty boards or the NCCPA.  Participants must be part of an approved project and may submit an attestation at any time as long as the QI effort is ongoing.

QI Project Application Form (MOC Part IV)

Use this form to submit your Quality Improvement project to the QPRB.  Once approved, your project will be submitted to the Multi-Specialty MOC Program (within ABMS) and the participating specialty boards.  Please only submit one form per project.  This form may also be used for the pre-approval of new QI efforts.