The American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) approved CUSOM to award Maintenance of Certification Part IV credits to physicians for meaningful participation in qualified quality improvement (QI) initiatives through the Maintenance of Certification Portfolio Approval Program (MOCPAP) 

This allows physicians to meet MOC part IV requirement for board re-certification.  

Qualified QI activities are reviewed and approval is granted for qualified QI projects. Part IV MOC credits are submitted to the ABMS and relevant specialty boards. 

Credit designation is determined by each individual specialty board: Specialty Boards 

We provide:

  • Guidance on MOC Part IV requirements for participating specialty boards
  • Formal approval and reporting of MOC Part IV credits for approved QI projects to the ABMS and the participating specialty boards

Deadlines for Project Applications and Attestations:

  • Project Applications are due September 30
  • Physician attestations are due October 28

We serve as a resource for faculty at:

  • The University of Colorado Hospital
  • Children's Hospital Colorado
  • Denver Health Medical Center
  • Veteran's Affairs Hospital

Contact Us

Pam Welker
Program Manager
13001 East 17th Place, C-295
Aurora, CO 80045