Laura Lockwood, MD; Leigh Ann Bakel, MD, MSc; Elise Rolison, RRT-NPS; Elizabeth Donlin, MSN, RN, CPN

Hot dog! Are you ready to wean? Improving Care of Patients with Bronchiolitis through Standardization of Heated High Flow Weaning


Cinnamon Dixon, DO, MPH; Daniel Nicklas, MD; Jamie Klein, RN; Julie Munder, RN

Improving Call Center and Health System Utilization by Implementing a Novel Call Center-based Mobile Interim Care Advice (MICA) Initiative


Melisha Hanna, MD, MS; Jennifer Lusk, BSN, RN, CCRN; Michael Carlisle, MD

Development and Implementation of high fidelity simulation for continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) at Children’s Hospital Colorado


Darcy Thompson, MD, MPH; Christina Olson, MD; Lisa Ross DeCamp, MD, MSPH; John (Fred) Thomas, PhD

Increasing Telehealth Visits for Patients and Families with Limited English Proficiency


Jeannie Zuk, PhD, RN; Kyle Rove, MD; Karol Monnet, RN; Duncan Wilcox, MD; Sheryl Holbrook, RN

Implementation of Patient-Reported Outcome Measures in the CHCO ERAS Program


Katja Gist, DO; Abby Kim, PharmD, BCOP; Jens Goebel, MD; Case Duggan, PharmD, MBA; Amy Poppy, PharmD; Alex Ahearn, MD; Danielle Soranno, MD; Jason Gien, MD; Erin Stenson, MD; Melissa Iwonowski, MPH, BSN, RN, CPN; Denise Pickard, RN, Sara Martin, RN

Enhancing Nephrotoxic Medication NINJA Bundle Compliance and Acute

Kidney Injury Recognition among Hospitalized Patients


Julie Wilson, MD; David Howell, PhD; Allison D'Lauro, DPT; Melissa Randall, DPT; Bridget Younger Med, ATC; Brittney Millett, ATC

Early Exercise Prescription to Improve Outcomes in Pediatric Concussion



Rachel Cafferty, MD (Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellow); Tien Vu, MD; Maya Haasz, MD; Sarah Schmidt, MD, MSHI

Improving Identification of Suicide Risk Factors Among Youth in the Pediatric Emergency Department: A Quality Improvement Initiative to Standardize Screening of Known Suicide Risk Factors

Sarah Parker, MD; Christine MacBrayne, PharmD, MSCS; Jason Child, PharmD; Kelly Pearce

Extending Handshake Stewardship Services at Children’s Hospital Colorado


Patrick Fernandez, MD; Ashley Reid, PharmD; Melissa Masaracchia, MD; Ryan Mooney, PA; Matt Millard, PharmD; Justin Heizer, PharmD; Jenny Reese, MD; Sarah Nickels, MSW, PhD; Tod Bos, BA

Opioid Stewardship


Irina Topoz, MD; Alexandria Wiersma, MD; Kaylee Wickstrom, RN; Joan MacKenzie, MS, CPNP

Clinical Pathway Utilization in Acute Care Setting: A Quality Improvement Initiative to Enable Consistent, Efficient and Excellent care that is Easy to Deliver


Jillian Cotter, MD; Claire Stokes, MD; Keith Hazleton, MD; Carrye Cost, MD; Samantha Bacon, MD; Ginny Lugo; Mikayla Norcross, RN; Jason Child, PharmD; Rebecca Coughlin; David Brumbaugh, MD; Samuel Dominguez, MD, PhD

Reducing Inappropriate Testing and Over Diagnosis of Clostridium Difficile at Children’s Hospital Colorado


Tara Neubrand, MD; Natasha Cabrera, MD; Stacey Cabrera, RN;  Anthony Watkins, RN; Michael Distefano, MD

Medstat: Improving CPR and Survival of Pediatric Cardiac Arrest in the Emergency Department


Kyle Rove, MD; Duncan Wilcox, MD; Megan Brockel, MD; Lisa McLeod, MD

ERAS Implementation at CHCO

Sarah Parker, MD; Jason Child, PharmD; Amanda Hurst, PharmD; Kelly Pearce; Casey Dugan, PharmD, MBA

Optimize Surgical Prophylaxis to Prevent Surgical Infections and Decrease Antimicrobial Waste at CHCO


Norman Friedman, MD, D,ABSM; Renee Crowder, RN; Sarah Derieg, RN, DNP; Regina Hoefner-Notz, BSN, MSN; Lisa McLeod, MD, MSCE

Right Patient, Pight place, Right Time: Risk Stratification for Children Undergoing Adenotonsillectomy in Ambulatory vs. Tertiary Care Settings


Irina Topoz, MD; Joe Grubenhoff, MD, MSCS

Implementing a Diagnostic Error Screening Tool in Pediatric Emergency Departments and Urgent Care Sites


Sarah Schmidt, MD; Tara Neubrand, MD; Marcela Mendenhall, MD; Michelle Alletag, MD; Jason Woods, MD

Breathing Easier: Improving the Safety of Rapid Sequence Intubation in the CHCO Emergency Departments (ED) and Urgent Cares (UC)


Halden Scott, MD; Sara Deakyne Davies, MPH; Kathleen Grice; Lalit Bajaj, MD, MPH; Irina Topoz, MD; Joni Mackenie, MS, CPNP; Danella Pochman, MS, CPNP; Lindsey Shaw, MS, CPNP

Maintain & Innovate:  High Quality Data and Analysis to Sustain High Quality Emergency Care for Pediatric Sepsis


Holly Pacenta, MD (Hematology,Oncology, BMT Fellow, PGY-2); Joanne Hilden, MD (Faculty Mentor); Shelby Winzent, PA; Chris McKinney, MD; Taizo Nakano, MD; Brian Branchford, MD; Amy Keating, MD; Kelly Maloney, MD; Roger Giller, MD; Brandon Nuechterlein, PA; Becky Coughlin; Dawn Law; Luis Perez

Improving Iron Overload Screening in the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders


Natalie Nokoff, MD (Pediatric Endocrinology Fellow, PGY-3); Daniel Reirden, MD (Faculty Mentor); Jennifer Barber, RN; Abby Simon, LCSW

Improving Clinical Encounters for Transgender and Gender Expansive Youth


Sarah Kelly, PsyD; Dunbar Ivy, MD; Jeffrey Darst, MD; Kelly Wolfe, PhD; Cindy Buchanan, PhD; Elizabeth Steinberg, PhD, MA

Implementing Screening Processes to Enhance Identification of Psychological Concerns in Pediatric Cardiology


Michelle Torok; PhD; Mark Brittan, MD; Shelby Chapman

Screening Inpatients for Unmet Social Needs

Lisa McLeod, MD, MSCE; Elise Benefield RN, BSN; Jessica Cataldi, MD; Mindy Cohen, MD; Rachel Fisherkeller, CPNP-PC

Building Safety Capacity and Reducing Duration of Central Venous Catheters in Spine Fusion Patients


Jennifer L. Woods, MD; Megan D. Jacobs, MD

Blood Pressure Elevation Awareness: Aim Toward Better Diagnosis and Treatment


Alison Ballard, CPNP (Sr. Instructor); Terri Carry, PT

Improve the Quality of Care of Patients with Mobility Impairments


Gist, Katja, MD; Danielle Soranno, MD; Timothy Stidham, MD

Design and Implementation of a Quality Improvement Program for Nephrotoxic Medication-Associated Acute Kidney Injury: The NINJA Program (Nephrotoxic Injury Negated by Just in Time Action)

Rakesh D. Mistry, MD, MS; Michael DiStefano, MD; Kevin Carney, MD; Irina Topoz, MD; Sarah Parker, MD, PhD; Amanda Hurst, PhD; Sara Deakyne, MPH

Develop a Prospective ED AMS Prescribing Data Registry for Outpatient Infections Treated in the CHCO ED and NOC


Lina Patel, PsyD

Adaptive Care Program for Children with Developmental Disabilities


Jason Soden, MD

Education Across the Continuum for CLABSI Prevention in the Ambulatory TPN Patient


Sharon Sables-Baus, PhD, MPA, PCNS-BC; Jessica Schwartz, MHA; Darwin Roth, RN; Jason Zamkoff, MD

Improving Effectiveness of the Target Zero (TZ) Safety Coach Program


Edward Dill, PhD; Angelina Koehler, CPNP-PC

Improving Quality of Care for Patients with Nonepileptic Seizures


Allison Beck Blackmer, PharmD, BCPS; James Feinstein, MD; David Fox, MD

Parent/Caregiver Attitudes and Understanding of Complex Medication Regimens

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